Work Experience Essay

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Work Experience

I am writing about the importance of work experience. Generally young people think that the positives are that it helps you gain experience. In addition to this you can learn a range of skills for example critical thinking. On the other hand there is some negatives this includes having a bad impression. Another negative is that you get tedious jobs like copying documents. My expectations were to make a good impression on my colleagues to get a good reference. Also I wanted to learn how to deal with customers to help me in working at the pharmacy. I worked in a pharmacy called Care Chemist. The pharmacy was situated close to house which was easy to travel.

Firstly I travelled there by bus it took about 6 minutes to get to Stanmore. Then walked to the pharmacy which was just opposite Sainsbury’s making it easier to buy lunch. On the whole the placement was laid out in different sections. The sections were split up between cosmetics, medical products and prescriptions. In particular the display was stunning as it had different products. My working hours were from Monday to Friday arriving at ten o’clock and leaving at five o’clock. I had various jobs to do at the pharmacy.

Firstly I had to answer the phone and also help customers who had were looking for medicines. My favourite job was giving out prescriptions to the patients with help from my colleagues. My colleagues were very nice and bought me lunch at Subways. I had to wear clothing such as jeans and a shirt. In the future I would not work in pharmacy as it was very boring. However I would work in a hospital as a doctor helping people who would need my help. To achieve this I would need to go to Imperial College provided that I get good grades at Sixth form. Before that I would need good G.C.S.E results to become a doctor as competition is high.