Why I take English Composition Class Essay

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15 August

Why I take English Composition Class

Why we take ‘English Composition’ class? Actually, English Composition is a class that is needed for all aspects of our lives, especially for students from Foreign Languages department. It would be an absolutely necessity for students who learn English and for those who wants to be compatible in business sphere in the future. But talking about students who is learning English- this class will teach them to express their thoughts and opinions clearly and accurately. It will help students to purify their thoughts and will teach them to understand the writing process, find effective arguments and craft powerful statements. So basically the course of English Composition class will improve student’s English abilities in general.

I believe, that to be able to write in English properly is absolutely required skill. Being able to competently compose an essay and organize a thesis is not only useful in academic environments, but is also useful for business and personal applications. Nowadays when everybody speaks in English, there are many essential life situations that this ability would be very helpful in – talking about such situations as applying documents for the University, scholarship or applying for a job. For example, although we got the best result in examination but we cannot speak and write in very good English, it will be hard to find a well-paid job, especially if you want to work for big international companies. We definitely need to know how to compose a good application form, how to present ourselves and how to sell our knowledge for the best price.

Talking about myself, I took the English Compositional class because in future I see myself as a journalist. I understand that now, while I’m studying in the University I need to do my best to develop and refine my writing skills. So I strongly believe that this class would help me to achieve my goal to become a good journalist.

Being a journalist is a hard work. To be a good journalist you need to be ready to work at night and day, you have to communicate with lots of people and try to find approaches to make them open their minds to you. It means that to become a good journalist you have to improve your communicating skills. You need always to be updated and try to get as much new information as you can. You need to generate fresh interesting ideas and mind blowing thoughts. So that is why we need to develop such skills as critical thinking, brainstorming and analyzing to expand our minds.

English Composition class will help us to get the most important basic skills; it later will help budding poets, writers and journalists to develop crucial abilities helping them to convey the message that they would want to share with the out world. But first we all need to get the elements. There are certain writing skills that help to make our articles more precise and make it “come to life.” These the most important writing skills include developing a powerful thesis statement, analyzing and critical thinking.

People say that the most essays live or die by the strength of their thesis statements, and by their ability to keep focused on their thesis. Simply put, if you have not clearly indicated your focus or your argument, it will be difficult to stay focused on the issue you plan to discuss, argue or explain.

Then talking about the critical thinking, I should say that, the process of putting words to paper gives students a concrete example of their thoughts. They are allowed to analyze their views with an outside perspective. By analyzing students will purify their thoughts, they will learn to understand the writing process. This facilitates a critical thinking state of mind in which the student can better develop their thoughts. Critical thinking enables students to move away from clichés as they struggle to improve and clarify their writing. Thus, critical thinking necessitates advancement in the ability to express complex ideas. This reinforces the demand for the student to develop a manifold and potent vocabulary.

To summarize, all these skills that we will learn on English Composition class are going to be useful across virtually all academic disciplines and they provide a valuable means for making sense of non-academic experiences as well.