What I think of the loch ness monster Essay

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14 July

What I think of the loch ness monster

What does it mean if a dim-witted person unlike yourself believed in a non-existent creature like the Loch Ness Monster? Should we accept the photographic evidence provided or do you go by the saying “Seeing is believing”? I believe that this creature is a tourist attraction although there have been alleged sightings of this tall tale since about 565 AD. I am going you prove to you that this legend does not exist. I don’t know why I have to prove to really intellectual person that this beast does not exist. Only a dense fool would believe in a juvenile myth, which is obviously a tourism act.

The Loch Ness Monster, does it exist or not? I have been questioning whether “Nessie” exists or not, the outcome was it is a fake tourist appeal for money. If this monster actually does exist how come when a young man went into the loch he didn’t find anything that could resemble this mythological creature in anyway, also the great monster’s presence has never been finalised. Yes, large animals live in the loch but none are large enough to look like the monster or even pretend to look like it.

If an expert was to say that this fiend existed, would you believe them? For how long can we believe an expert? Just because they think they are smart and think they know everything, then why hasn’t this monsters presence been finalised if it does exist? Its really easy to put an image of what could be the loch ness legend using today’s’ technology, so the photographic evidence could be fake. What you see in the pictures could easily be a large whale, a large seal or a prop from an old film, which has not been disposed of properly. What is it that you know does not exist?

Think about it, have you had the proper information and have you looked at the problem accurately to come to such a conclusion? If not (and this is probably the case) have you made a similar decision about other more important matters, where you given the wrong information or did you not look into it properly? If someone really wanted something to be true would they go out of their way to make it true? Sometimes experts could easily discard unwanted information to make the point that they want to make! The Loch Ness Legend could of died off. I mean we are in the year 2004 and sightings of this monster has been for about 1400 years, there is no way that any creature can live for that long, unless it was supernatural, which it couldn’t be, could it?

What actual evidence do we have to prove that this monster exists?

Well, there has been a large amount of hazy reports from uneducated people. Also pictures and film, which could have been edited. There is also false evidence, which people could use to sell their story to the computer like:

· Deliberate fraud

· Wishful thinking

· Exaggeration

A scientist from an august intuition says ” I have never seen this monster, however I have studied the evidence and I find it unconvincing”. Should we believe him? An engineer who lives near the loch has filmed Nessie in action and he seems very trustworthy commented on my article and said “People think I am a liar, but I know what I saw, it was the Loch Ness Monster. I have video evidence”. I don’t understand how this man can have evidence if there wasn’t a monster in the first place.

Therefore, I have come to a conclusion to say that this loch Ness legend does not and did not ever exist, and that I have good grounds for this theory. If you were to right this article what would you think? However, for the romantic in us all, it provides an ideal excuse for a nice weekend away.