Thought and Reflection Grading Criteria sample essay

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The assignment will be graded according to the following criteria:

1) Clarity: The intent of the writer is clear.

2) Logic: The answer makes sense.

3) Answers question: The questions are addressed fully.

4) Mechanics: Answers contain proper punctuation and grammar.

How do individuals acquire and develop language? How do you personally communicate your thoughts and how did you learn to do that? Individuals acquire and develop language through our brain function. Oral and auditory helps communicate verbal signals whether it be grunting and crying from a baby when their hungry. The auditory part of this allows us to speak and listen. We also develop language through physical and verbal using facial expressions, eye contact along with various other forms to communicate through language. I communicate my thoughts through speaking, facial gestures and listening. I learned this mostly from home environment, school, media, and peers.

Based on your own experiences, what are some symbols (e.g., letters of the alphabet) people use to communicate? Based on my own experience I have learned that lol meaning “laughing out loud”. I learned this from my god-daughter just over the summer. OMG is short term for” Oh MY Gosh”. This is a term I learned on Facebook. I learned bff means “best friends forever” all the new reality shows use this to let the media know friendship status among Hollywood stars. The different terms and meanings really show me how media and communication has changed along with technology.

Explain how you think these symbols are related to critical thinking? These symbols are related to critical thinking in a lot of ways because you have to think before using. Example: Timing- when using the symbols above you cannot use them anywhere any time. When being interviewed and the question asked is how did you find our company? The information came from your best friend you cannot answers my bff. If responding to your previous professor in an email you would not use any of the mentioned abbreviations to answer further questions. When using these terms you have to consider when, how, tone of using.