Thinking Critically about this Reading Essay

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2 June

Thinking Critically about this Reading

The narrator say ‘No my friend, thank you for letting me see that fish”, because he realizes that he got to see the fish even though it was something small it had greatest impacts on the narrator. I believe that the narrator attitude is more patient, and more accepting towards the boy. The lesson the narrator learn is that it’s important to stop and take in the world for all of its worth while you can.

Questions & Answers

1. McDonald organizes his essay by describing the world through words to a boy with no sight. The period of time I believe it be like around summer. 2. The clues that lead up to revelation that the boy is blind is when he ask for help to find his shrimp, when he thought he lost the fish but it was actually coming back towards him, another one is when the narrator asks him “is that a nice fish or what”, and when the kid asked McDonald to describe the fish o how it looks like. I think it took McDonald so long to realize it because he had on some sunglasses. 3. I believe he adjusts some of his words so the boy can have a better view of the fish. The way he organizes the description of the fish is that he goes more into detail, like what his body looks like, the colors of it, the size of his eyes and describes his belly.

4. We learn that the boy is blind and he thanks him for helping him describe the fish. 5. The dialogue added to the narrative brings conversation between two characters or more. It brings description detail by detail of the fish. If he would have not used dialogue then we wouldn’t know what the story would be about or who were the main characters or so. And we wouldn’t know how the description of the fish. 6. I think the connotation of the word view is idea or feeling of it. And the word bridge where allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle.