The Topic of Public Relations sample essay

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Public relations are essential part and parcel of any organization for its smooth running with sustained courage. Every leading management industries, accounting firms, institutions, and name it, pay huge emphasis to the subject of public relation among other important issues pertinent to growth. Imagine the best of the companies in the world without publicity; it is like hiding cold water in the far Sahara desert of the hottest climate.

The present world of globalizations has rather advanced beyond mere publicity; it is the game of marketing the worse along the only available demand. It involves constant briefing of the progress of the organizations with the consciousness of keeping tract on the goal. The smaller the industry, the more effective is the relation essence is fulfilled. Many people would prefer “boutique” firms to “global communication” firms. This in a way reminds of the need for effectiveness of relations irrespective of size for sustenance.

Personal Definition

Public relations is the systematic way of relating the development, activities and forecast of an institution to the masses towards bridging the communication gap between the firm (government or non-governmental organization) and the stake holders. Usually, a goal driven organization is set to fully utilize the available raw material to a fashioned and newly refined product. The suppliers of the raw materials could either be the tax payers, the shareholders or an asset from the entrepreneur. Public relations is, simply-stated, the art of creating and maintaining relationships between an organization and the public.

Edward Bernays

In 1807, sequel to Thomas Jefferson first use of the word public relations in a conceptual sense of a “political policy” than the contemporary meaning in a communication bridging, Edward Bernays accordingly defines thus, “Public Relations entails the management activities where public attitudes are drawn, defines the policies, procedures and interest of an organization followed by accomplishment of program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance” (Edward, n.d)

Robert Heath

In the contemporary world, Robert submits that “ Public relations is a set of management, advisory, supervisory, and technical functions that foster an industry’s capability to strategically listen to, appreciate, and contribute to those persons who are rather contributive to the missions, values and objectives of the organization with the return of mutual exchange” (Robert L. n.d.). It is of important to note here that the management function is directed at strengthening symbiotic profit-cost relationships between an institution and its entire public.

The Modern Organization Picture

The underlining need for public awareness is preserved in all definitions of public relations, with little or no contrast. The present industries invest heavily in research at all levels, through the marketing department. Individual opinions are gathered in form of data. The data are collected, collated. From this thesis are formulated and appropriate recommendation follows. Of cogent is the need to strike out every problem and accordingly map out the best resolution to resolve future crisis. This is publicly presented in form of awareness. All is solely aimed at meeting the objectives of sustaining the company-to-persons mutual benefits.

For a professional running in the modern practice of public relations, relations required are in the fields of art, social sciences (psychology, anthropology, sociology and democrat), local and international politics, economics and the acts of management and ethics. Technical knowledge is necessary for researches accomplishment most importantly in the final dissemination of the findings through the media of any form.

Albeit, many public relation officers are somehow regarded as corporate slaves, may I further stress that companies who have senses of relevancies in the public enrichment designate this assignment to the office of the director of public relations, and some the office of the Public relation manager. Organizations like police department, trade unions at large found the need for instituting a quarter for same purpose.


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