The New Critical Thinker Essay

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The New Critical Thinker

When I started Creative and Critical Thinking on October 29, 2012, I thought this class would be pointless. I thought thinking was just that, thinking. I was not aware of the many different stages of the thought process, and the ways of effectively thinking.

Little did I know that critical thinking differs from regular thinking in many ways. Critical thinking is a type of thinking with reason; it also is reflecting thinking that is aims towards finding solutions. The form of critical thinking is something that is developed over time. This type of thinking includes thinking of every possible situation in the thinking process. It also aids in clarifying the consequences to problematic thoughts, in which could turn into problematic situations without critical thinking.

My critical thinking has changed severely since I have started this course. I find myself taking more time out of my day to productively think about my problems. Thinking of all the different possibilities and solutions is also a new trait that I have learned. With this new found education, I find myself making better choices for my family and I. I now am able to clearly think and visualize what it is that I want to achieve out of the situation. Consequences are one of the biggest things that I have learned to find now with using critical thinking.

I have learned various new things about thinking since I have started this course. Although, there are a few things that I have learned that I find most significant. The first one is about criticism. I learned that not all criticism is bad. Criticism is about how you as an individual take it. One can take criticism that comes across negative, and make it into a positive thing. Finding imperfections and complications is another thing that I learned about critical thinking. Not every thought or idea is perfect. Finding these imperfections will only aide you in bettering your critical thinking skills. Finding the complications out that you have in your thought process will also help you improve your thinking power. The last thing that was clearly important to me was to express your problems and issues. Doing this will aide you in finding the right solution for you and your problem.

When I first started this course I rated myself as a practiced thinker. After nine weeks of education on critical thinking I have changed my rating of myself. I now rate myself as an advanced thinker. This is due to all the information that I have learned and retained over the last nine weeks. I have learned different ways to think and different ways to find solutions within my thinking skills. I have developed a regular plan for regular thinking practice on a daily basis. Even with this course coming to an end, I plan to continue my thinking skills. I am planning to move onto the next stage of critical thinking. The next step for me is to become an accomplished thinker. To do this, I will need to develop a high sense of intellectual health. After learning everything that I have, this obstacle seems small and I know I will overcome it!

All in all, I am glad that I took this course. I now know that this class was not pointless, as I have gained a vast amount of information. Not only that, I know that thinking is just not thinking. There is most certainly more to it than that!