The Impact of Technology on Todays Society sample essay

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“How has technology changed our lives? ” Throughout the years we have been experiencing a dramatic change in the world of technology. IPhone’s, Blackberries, and laptops are becoming an important part of our daily lives. We are all so dependent on these devices that sometimes we treat them as if it is part of our family. Technology has become a priority for many people, and it is likely that people with choose technology over many other things. Although technology has made life easier for us and more convenient, there are several ways in which it has damaged the quality of our life.

First, technology has a negative impact on our social life; second, technology takes over our free time; and finally, technology has negatively changed the way we learn. In the twentieth century technology is definitely something that the world cant live without. We can never put an end to the development of technology, but people should consider the massive amount of damage this wonderful creation is putting upon us. People are starting to become dependent and emotionally attached to these technological devices.

It is becoming very difficult for today’s generation to spend a few hours, or even minutes without the usage of technology. These sorts of desperations towards technology changed people’s social lives. Though they have created social networking websites such as “Facebook”, It is not an effective way to communicate with people, simply because conversations are very vague. Communication is talking to friends in person, not texting them, or talking to them online. The computer is like a wall between you and the real person that you just cannot get through when you are texting.

People who tend to communicate with others on the computer and talk to their friends over instant messaging or texting surely do not know the meaning of socializing. Even though some may be very shy, the technology will give them even less confidence to go out and socialize with people with real people. Roy McGregor (2012) analyzes the negative impact of technology on our lives and he states “We are physically short of breath, emotionally short of tranquility, and relationally short of hours required to focus on the people most important to us” (p. 149).

People tend to spend more time using technology rather than connecting with their families and friends. Starting a long detailed conversation with someone in person is almost impossible, simply because there is not enough to talk about, and people are adjusted to quick way of talking through text messaging. A couple of years ago families setting around the dining table and talking about their day was a normal routine, but that is no longer the case for most families, since there are portable devices that could be taken any where, even the dining table!

Technology has departed families and friends, taking away the attention we deserve from people who are important to us. Furthermore, technology is taking over our free time. People are always busy using their “Time saving devices” (McGregor, 2012, p. 148) when it is actually destroying their time, even when they are free. Whether we are at school, work, or at home there is always something to do on the Internet, or on T. V. There are many activities that people could consider doing on their free time, for example out door activities, but people choose technology because it is becoming a number one source of amusement.

In the “Embraced as a Time Saver, Technology Has seduced us into Giving up so Much” article, the author states the following: “What these devices have done, he argues it squeeze what used to be free time down to practically nothing” (McGregor, 2012, p. 149). According to McGregorwhat used to be considered as free time is now being taken over by technology. Today’s young generation is being affected the most by this era of technological devices. If the world of technology continues to be used in a non-effective way the future generations may suffer a lot from this in terms of this addiction towards technology.

Decreasing the unnecessary usage of technology might actually improve the quality of an individual’s life, by allowing them to make time for more exciting activities, and creating a better life for them selves and the future generations. Technology has changed the way people gain knowledge. We don’t read books as much as before, because the information that is being provided on the web is only a click away. Our relationship with the Internet has impacted the way we read information that is being provided to us.

Reading is becoming a difficult task for many people, because it is hard to stay focused and read a page, without the flashy colors of the computer screen. In the article “ What the Internet is doing to our Brains” the author states, “Now my concentration often starts to drift after two or three pages. I get fidgety, lose the thread, and begin looking for something else to do” (Carr, 2009, p. 87). In our generation we cannot get through a research assignment without the use of the Internet, because we just want quick notes, and easy access to information.

The Internet also changes the way we think, because online articles are very basic and broad information that is being given to us, so we do not take the time to actually judge the information that is being provided. Everything on the Internet has already been summarized, therefore leaving no space for the brain to actually perceive and analyze knowledge that is being provided to it. Although the Internet has made our lives so much easier, by providing us immediate results, it has a negative long-term effect by decreasing our level of intelligence.

In conclusion, although technology is a great accomplishment for the human race, it has not completely improved our quality of life. We are definitely fast paced and effective, but technology has gone to far and it has been negatively affecting some important aspects of our daily lives. Technology has affected our quality of life. It causes isolation from our social life, it takes away too much time, and finally it has negatively affected the way we absorb and gain knowledge.