The Foremost Negotiator in Africa Essay

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Lade Adeyemi is a man known to some and referred to be many, as Africa’s foremost Negotiation trainer, coach and author. The commonwealth trained lawyer and Negotiation specialist is the founder of Africa’s first Business Negotiation School, the Transatlantic Negotiation School of Business which was incorporated in California USA and has training centres in West, East and Southern Africa. The Negopreneur ( has he called fondly by some of his products), started his career as a legal officer and solicitor ,with work experiences from organisations in Singapore, United States, Australia, Nigeria and Mauritius, His skill acquisition and expertise in the area of Business Negotiation has been severally harnessed not only in his innate abilites, but also his intercultural prowess in the usage of Negotiation techniques for and on behalf of the various National and International Organisations as well as professionals he has be privileged to serve over the years.

The Harvard University trained Negotiation professional has tutored and taught over 100,000 professionals from 6 continents , comprising of Magistrates ,Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Governments, NGOs, CEOs, Insurers, HR executives, Managers, Political leaders,Engineers, Fellows of the Sloan School of Management at the MIT in Cambridge USA, African delegates of the Harvard University’s Programs on Negotiation, as well as other students from the following Universities; Idaho State University – USA, Brigham Young University – Rexburg USA, Fresno Community College – California, Legion University – Accra, Ghana, University of Lagos – Lagos, Nigeria, University of Cape Town – Cape Town, South Africa, Members of the Rotract Club, Africa.

The Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE), is also a member of various organizations such as the African Round Table, Academy of International Business, International Bar Association, Investment Management Consultants Association, International Association of Business Communications, Commonwealth Association of Lawyers, Rotary International etc. The California Advocate Newspaper front page personality has also been involved in capacity building of youths and entrepreneurs and has a great passion for youth development and growth.

Lade Adeyemi has also amongst a few written various articles some of which include, Looking Next Door: Indentifying Undermining Characteristics of Legal and Business Negotiation Ethics from an Afro-Asian Stand Point:Article written and published in an Entrepreneurial Magazine in Perth, Australia. Amongst some of the books he has authored are, Think Wealth, Think Africa, 123Business Negotiation Techniques for Managers as the best selling Negotiating as a Pro.

Others to be published in 2013 include; Intercultural Negotiations: an international Business guide for Win-Win outcomes, Negotiating the Non-Negotiables: Dealing with the Principalities in Negotiations,100 Key Negotiation and Persuasion Techniques for Effective Communication: co- authored with Prof Andra Hansen, Negotiation and Church Leadership: co- authored with Dr J. Blackwood and the long awaited Legal Professionals & Negotiations: 100 Negotiation techniques for lawyers and judicial officers.

On the employment side (from the recent), he is currently the convener of Africa’s first Business Negotiation School, Founder / President, Transatlantic Negotiation School of Business USA, Founder Africa’s first Wax and digital museum; Our Heritage House of Wax and digital Imagery Company, Group Chairman, Nubian Group, Africa, currently serves as the Subject Matter Expert on Negotiation, Lagos State Government, was the Special / Legal Assistant to the E.C Lagos State Public Works Corporation, served as Legal Adviser / Company Secretary, Taxi-AD Germany, Managing / Life Partner – Funmi Adeyemi & Co, was the first African to be employed as the International Business Executive – Asian Centre for Professional Excellence- Singapore. Before setting off tonSingapore, he practiced as a Lawyer in Chamber with IDOWU Queens Chambers, Gadzama Attoneys at Law – Abuja as well as Lateef Adegbite & Co.

A man of numerous indigenous and international awards amongst which are, the Paul Harris Fellowship award Rotary International, Honorary Member, Worldwide Who’s Who, USA , Role Model Award recipient , Young Entrepreneurs’ Network of Africa, Role Model award recipient , faculty of Arts and Communication, University of Lagos, Award of Recognition in Negotiation and Leadership, Faculty of Communications, Fresno Community College Carlifornia USA as well as the first African to be presented with the prestigious African Leadership Award in Negotiation by the African Leadership Magazine, Cairo, to mention but a few.