The Executive Chef sample essay

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The Executive Chef is possibly one of the most important jobs in all of the food industry. They are responsible for the food that is bought, prepared, cooked, and served to the customers. They manage the food quality and stock in a kitchen, organizing the food and observing the quality of the kitchen hardware. On an average day, Executive chefs will manage a team of chefs during working hours, check the quality and the quantity of the food and make note of any vital ingredients that are low on stock or need to be replaced, and to keep the working space clean and operational. Being able to manage those tasks and work as a team to complete tasks are vital aspects of an executive chef.

Most chefs went to a college that specializes in the culinary arts, while others learned from years of working in the food industry. Most colleges offer a basic culinary arts program that covers the basics of food preparation and cooking. Some colleges offer multiple culinary courses that specialize in particular aspects of culinary arts. The San Diego Culinary Institute has classes that take less than one year to finish and receive a diploma. They teach about everything that you need to know in order to run a kitchen or restaurant. Some Chefs open their own restaurants and manage both the cooking and the business simultaneously.

Running the restaurant as a manager covers the technical aspects such as the marketing, pricing, advertising, hiring, and the expenses. All of these responsibilities can be learned at colleges, like The San Diego Culinary Institute, or self-taught. The Executive chef position sounds more Hands-On and more innovative than being a manager. However, being both the manager and the Executive chef would be a very interesting experience and a great career. Being the executive chef of a restaurant pays between forty thousand and seventy thousand dollars a year.

Being a Chef is one of the top culinary career choices, and is the most beneficial in my opinion. Learning how to cook and use hundreds of ingredients to make almost anything you can think of, is a benefit all on its own. I feel that I would be good in this career because of my ability to help and serve people, as well as being able to manage projects and people. I enjoy the technical part of cooking, the way different people like different types of food and how to apply that to multiple people. I personally think that food is one of the greatest ways to bring people together.

My personality survey showed that I would do well in food-service, and that I would enjoy working with other people in a work environment. Being a chef would give me a fair amount of control and responsibility and allow me to use skills I already have, but also learn new ones. Being an executive chef would be a great fit for my learning type. It has plenty of opportunity for interaction with others, clear expectations and explicit instructions, emphasis on the practical value of what I’m learning, and frequent feedback to make sure I’m doing assignments correctly. The career I would like to peruse is an Executive Chef!