Teacher Interviews sample essay

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I have many great teachers that have influenced my life through the years. However there are many, there are three in particular that have been a large part of my life in high school. Mrs. Sikes, Mrs. Conner, and Mr. Marlow are the teachers that have been that special part of my life. During my interviews I asked each teacher a few questions relating to their career. First I asked what motivates them to be a teacher. Their answers were really similar. Mr. Marlow said that what motivates him is when his students finally understand something he has taught them.

He says that he is simply motivated by their comprehension of his lessons. Mrs. Sikes’s answer was that she is motivated because she loves it. She also loves making a difference in a student’s school experience and helping them to realize their full potential. Mrs. Conner has wanted to be a teacher since she was a little girl. She chose to be a high school teacher because of her positive experiences in high school and wanted to make it possible for the students she taught to have the same great experience she received. Her teachers had a large impact on her life and she also wants to be a positive influence on her students.

I also asked each of them what were some aspects of the job that they like or dislike. They all agreed on the fact that they love building relationships with their students. Mrs. Sikes loves being in the classroom teaching new things. Mr. Marlow doesn’t like when students are unmotivated. He says it is frustrating but makes him want to work harder to make that student realize their potential. Mrs. Conner really dislike knowing that a student has a problem with their home life but doesn’t know what to do to help, so she tries her best to at least brighten that students life with whatever she can.

She does love how each one of her students are different, how each person brings something new to her classroom atmosphere. Her favorite quote about teaching is “some people come into our lives and quickly go, some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never ever the same. ” She says this relates to her experiences in teaching, because teaching is from the heart. Her favorite part of teaching is having those few and far between moments when a student somehow lets her know that she has made a difference in their lives. Each teacher has different ways to motivate and discipline there students.

Mrs. Sikes and Mrs. Conner like to motivate by giving praise to a student when they answer correctly during class. Also instead of calling a student out on bad behavior in front of the class they both agree on correcting the problem in private. This allows you to speak calmly without the student feeling called out or threatened. Mr. Marlow uses a different approach to discipline. He tries to make students discipline themselves, and to be mature. From the first day he makes it clear how you are to behave, but still allowing a laid back atmosphere.

Both Mrs. Sikes and Mrs. Conner agree that West Monroe’s environment is very conducive to learning and the students are very spirited and they feel a sense of family throughout the staff. Mrs. Conner thinks the school is safe, and very well maintained. Mr. Marlow however felt a little differently. He does agree with them but does feels that the administration sends mixed messages to teachers and students. They try to raise the academic expectations but they lower the student personal responsibilities at the same time during these efforts.

Causing mass confusion to where the teacher may want to be stricter to influence the students to work harder but yet they are unable to do so. So he feels that this needs to be made clearer, and if this is done it will benefit everyone. I learned a lot from the interviews. They really give you a news perspective of choosing this as a career path. It looks like a great option for a job. I like the fact that you can really have a great experience and influence someone’s life in a big way, while providing them with a wonderful education. I do think this information will encourage people to choose teaching as a job option.

I feel that each of them are correct in ways about the school atmosphere, each bringing good opinions. We do have great school spirit and an amazing staff, but I agree with the point brought up by Mr. Marlow. He is right that the administration sends a mixed message on how to conduct a good learning environment within the classroom. So this does have an effect on the students because of the confusion it sparks. Should a teacher be strict with their assignments or allow more lineage. During my interviews I did agree with mainly all of what was brought up.

I will use the information they provided to help in my decision of a career path. Even though there are parts of the job that are difficult the positives outweigh those negative parts. I think it will be a rewarding job and I can become a lifelong learner and learn from the experiences I will receive from it. All my teachers are wonderful and great people. They have taught me many things that I can carry along with me throughout my life. Mrs. Sikes, Mrs. Conner, and Mr. Marlow are all very experienced teachers with great credentials. They know a lot about their jobs and give a lot of insight into it.