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As instructed, we have provided one (1) original copy of the proposal. APT makes the following certifications and guarantees regarding this proposal: * APT will comply with all contract terms and conditions as indicated in this Solicitation. * APT proposal is predicated upon the Solicitation published on June 4, 2013; * APT certifies that the prices contained in this proposal have been arrived at independently, without consultation, communication, or agreement, as to any matter relating to such prices with any other bidder or with any competitor for the purpose of restricting competition; unless otherwise required by law, the prices quoted have not been knowingly disclosed by APT prior to award, directly or indirectly, to any other bidder or to any competitor.

* As Sales Manager of APT, I am authorized by Power of Attorney to negotiate on behalf of APT and shall be responsible for the management of any potential contract that may result from this procurement process. As an officer of this company, my signature has authority to bind any contract that may result from negotiations with the National Guard Bureau concerning this proposal to furnish Treated Lumber and Poles of length and class indicated. I am responsible for the costs being offered in the proposal.


American Pole and Timber is a manufacturer and national supplier of treated poles, pilings, timbers, and industrial & commercial structural wood products. We offer unique building material solutions to our clients through our materials sourcing expertise and our vast manufacturing capabilities. You can expect timely and accurate service, customized to your project needs and cost objectives.

We supply Extended Life Wood Products including SFI and FSC Certified wood products, treated timbers, ISPM 15 heat treated wood, poles, pilings, treated lumber, timber trusses, wood bridges material, pipe supports, equipment saddles and gun barrel piling, as well as vinyl bulkhead and ultra-long lasting polymer coated wood.

We are highly skilled at custom manufacturing and we can assist with the design of your project free of charge when you use our materials. We are grateful for the opportunity to submit our proposal to your purchase contract and we will show you why so many construction companies across the nation choose American Pole and Timber to supply their operations and projects. American Pole and Timber was founded on the core principles of hard work, responsiveness, integrity, and innovation. As a result, American Pole and Timber has become one of the industry’s most reliable resources for all classes and sizes of wood poles, lumber, piling, and crane mats.

American Pole and Timber supplies almost any size post, wood poles, or piling you would require, anywhere across the nation. Most of our supply is Southern Yellow Pine and Douglass fir because of it excellent properties of strength versus cost and its acceptance of various levels of treatments to meet your project requirements. Our Product Consultants are happy to answer any questions you may have about treated poles and lumber.


American Pole and Timber lumber and wood poles come treated or untreated and “wet” or air dried. They are used in applications ranging from utility
poles, to house pilings and columns, to retaining wall pilings, and ropes and challenge courses. You can also take advantage of our custom manufacturing services to get exactly the length, cut, or shape you need. We can supply almost any size or class of treated poles or treated pilings you need. All of our poles and pilings treated .60 or greater are air dried before treating to ensure maximum penetration of the preservative. We also specialize in pressure treated lumber products, which can be manufactured to the custom sizes to meet your project requirements. We guarantee our products will be to your specifications and in accordance with national and local regulations.

4.1. Benefits of Building with APT Treated Poles and Lumber * APT Treated Poles and lumber have long life spans due to reduced heartwood exposure. * They can be sanded, stained, or painted to match existing décor. * APT Treated poles and lumber are stronger and suffer less warping than regular dimensional timbers. * Long life span and superior strength make APT treated poles and timbers very cost effective. * Polymer wood coating significantly increases the longevity APT poles and timber.

4.2. Capabilities as Industry Leader

American Pole and Timber’s approach is to analyze the Customer’s needs, stay atop industry trends and standards, and provide competitive advantages, ongoing innovation and reliable resources necessary to exceed the demands. This has helped American Pole and Timber become an industry leader and a reliable resource for:

* Cross Arms
* Wooden Utility Poles
* Douglas Fir Poles
* Piling
* Treated Fence Posts
* Pentachlorophenol, Creosote, ACZA And CCA Treated Products
* Treated Wood Cross Ties
* Western Cedar Poles

American Pole and Timber provides varying degrees of pressure treatment designed to delay the decaying process and ensure pole longevity. This process will be used in this contract. American Pole and Timber sells pressure treated utility poles and lumber for a variety of applications including piers, docks and other marine construction as well as complex foundation systems and landscaping substructures. APT is a high-quality utility pole and lumber manufacturer, supplier and producer – we use both Douglas fir and Cedar Wood, identified as one of the leading renewable wood resources. APT has facilities strategically located near the Klamath and California Coast ranges where we own an abundance of Douglas fir and Cedar wood plantations, and will thus be able to supply the pole and lumber material specified in the solicitation.

4.3. Wood Treatment Recommendations

Timber structures in a marine environment are subject to attack by a variety of destructive organisms. Thus, they should be properly treated with appropriate preservatives to prevent or retard this type of deterioration. The timber APT is offering as part of this proposal will be pressure treated with an appropriate preservative. The choice of preservative depends on how the timber product is to be used (pile, cap, stringer, decking, etc.) and what kind of climate exists where the installation is to be made (cold, temperate, semitropical, tropical). Thus, the requirements are greatest in warm water harbors where Limnoria tripunctata and pholads are present. Pacific Coast Douglas fir has less sapwood than Southern pine so that retention measurement of preservative is generally made in the outer 2 inches for fir as compared to the outer 3 inches for pine. APT is thus offering treated Douglas fir poles and lumber, which are best suited for the intended application and would be a significant upgrade in quality over standard competitor offerings.

APT follows the AWPA standards and Federal specifications for treatment which indicate the required retention level of the various wood preservatives. Wood piling should be treated according to their particular purposes, and this being a cold water marine application, APT will use pressure treatment using a preservative specified by AWPA standards and Federal specifications. Creosote, creosote-coal tar solutions, or creosote-petroleum solutions are effective preservatives, but present a possible contamination problem from being tracked onto vessels. Salt treatments are effective, but may embrittle or promote accelerated wear of the deck surface.

Solutions of pentachlorophenol in oil are effective, but they also may cause a pollution problem. Treatment with Chromated Copper Arsenate should provide protection without the contamination problems, especially when a clean surface is specified in the procurement, as it is in this case. APT will thus offer Chromated Copper Arsenate pressure treatment on the supplied Douglas fir poles and lumber, another significant upgrade in quality over standard competitor offerings.

4.4. Delivery and Distribution

APT uses a Just in Time (JIT) inventory and delivery system. Benefits include:

* Poles are Where you need them, When you need them.
* Over 30-year track record of on-time shipments.
* No need to carry large inventories.
APT has a regional distribution network. Benefits and features include:

* Expedited, timely delivery across town or across country
* Minimal freight costs.
* Keeps product pricing competitive.
* Rail Capability.
* Self-Unloading Trucks.
APT has several years of experience in Rapid Disaster Response:

* Proven capabilities in disaster situations.
* Alliances ensure sufficient supply and quick response.
* Ability to boost manufacturing capabilities to meet immediate needs.
* Emergency Operations Plan in place for APT headquarters.

4.5. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)


American Pole and Timber has been a supplier for several large and small projects in the past that include, but are not limited to the following.
* Marine & Shoreline: Coastal and waterway projects from bulkheads, fender systems, and retaining walls to beach houses and marinas. * Industrial &
Production: Support Saddles, Trusses, Columns, Corbels, Timber Fender Systems. * Commercial: Restaurants, Golf Courses, Bridges, Theme Parks and Water Parks. Since the solicitation is for a marine environment, APT is providing a list below of (3) past references of marine projects that APT has been a supplier on. 1. Residential and commercial ocean front properties on the west end of Galveston Island.


Xxx xxxSales ManagerAmerican Pole and Timber7100 Baker DriveTitusville, NM, 87312Ph: 800-716-0636Core Competencies and Skills * Familiarity with all aspects of supplier relationship management. * Ability to cope with dynamic market conditions and develop sales strategy accordingly. * Ability to work in high-stress environments and to make complex decisions regarding pricing. * Extensive knowledge of sales and marketing strategies. * Excellent written and verbal communication skills including formal presentation skills. * Persuasiveness, Adaptability & Innovation. * Judgment and Decision-making.

* Collaboration.EducationKeller University Chicago, IL 1990 – 1993Master of Business Administration/MBA in sales and marketingBoston University Boston, MA 1988– 1989Bachelor’s degree in business administration/sales and marketingExperience20 years of experience in Sales Management.American Pole and Timber, Titusville, NM (1999 – Present)Senior Sales ManagerReport directly to the Vice-President regarding annual sales growth. Organize and manage the sales team to achieve the required sales targets.Thomasson Company, Philadelphia, MS (1994 – 1999)Sales ManagerManaging and training a hardworking, results-oriented sales force. Helping with several management functions to support sales functions.|

Madeline MercadoMaterial Planning and Control SpecialistAmerican Pole and Timber7100 Baker DriveTitusville, NM, 87312Ph: 800-716-0639Core Competencies and Skills Proven ability to prepare reports, review bills of materials, oversee make/buy decisions, read drawings, perform materials and inventory control as well as monitor supply chain. Working knowledge and or proficiency in the following: * MRP * JIT * ISO9000 * ISO14001 • CostPoint – project management software package by Deltek * Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint * Financial Reports * Secret Clearance EducationCentral Florida University Orlando, FL 1995– 1999Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Experience14 years of experience in Material Planning and Control.American Pole and Timber, Titusville, NM (2003 – Present)Material Planning and Control Specialist Monitored all production and inventory, scheduled assignments, prepared reports and communicated with management, technical staff and customers regarding potential problems, schedules and production status. Luna Flooring Inc, Oakland, California (1999 – 2002)Associate BuyerProvided direct support to sales with regard to sourcing activities. Managed ETA accuracy consistent with departmental metrics. Ensured timely delivery of merchandise through consistent communication.|

Jeff CarlsonQuality Control InspectorAmerican Pole and Timber7100 Baker DriveTitusville, NM, 87312Ph: 800-716-0654Core Competencies and Skills

Over 30 of experience in the lumber industry with skills including but not limited to: * Overseeing and ensuring quality, %Mc etc of lumber products * Schedule species, thicknesses, grades to be sawn. * Schedule, set sorts, grade marks, package size for Dryline breakdown * Oversee quality of lumber. Grades, thickness, manufacture of all lumber produced. * Work with Safety Personal to provide training to ensure a safe work environment. * Provide training for lumber inspectors, quality assurance initiatives and supervisory.

* QC Certification by National Hardwood Lumber Association.EducationNHLA Inspector Training School Chicago, IL 1975– 1977AA degree in QA/QC Inspection.Experience30 years of experience in Lumber Industry.American Pole and Timber, Titusville, NM (2003 – Present)Lead QA InspectorResponsible for QA inspection and certification of all lumber products shipped to customers. Responsible for updating and improving QA standards and training of QA inspectors. B&B Lumber Co. / Premier Hardwood Products (1991 – 2001)Lumber Operations ManagerOversee all phases of lumber operation.Oversee Inventory Traffic and Maintenance Departments|


Based on the requirements listed in the solicitation, APT is pleased to offer you the following price quotation.

Description| Size| Qty Rqd| Price| Unit| Total|
Treated Lumber| 2″X2″X12′ | 10| $410| Ea| $4,100|
Treated Lumber| 4″X4″X16’| 20| $500| Ea| $10,000|
Treated Lumber| 6″X6″X16’| 20| $600| Ea| $12,000|
Treated Pole| 8″X16′ | 10| $250| Ea| $2,500|
Treated Pole| 10″X16′ | 10| $300| Ea| $3,000|
Treated Pole| 12″X16′ | 20| $400| Ea| $8,000|
| | | TOTAL| $39,600|

We thank you for this opportunity and look forward to working with the National Guard Bureau.



2.“World Class Contracting – 5th Edition” by Gregory A. Garrett.