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Activity 1

The CIPD Professional Map
The CIPD Professional Map is available to all CIPD members and helps you to understand what level of experience you have within HR and what you need to learn or demon straight to advance your career. It is made up of 10 professional areas or specialism’s

Insight, strategy and solution| Leading HR| Service delivery and information| Organisational design| Organisational development| Resourcing and talent planning| Learning and talent development| Performance and reward| Employee engagement| Employee relations| | |

Within the Map there are 2 core areas that relate to all HR professional at all levels of their career, location and role. 1, Insight, strategy and solution – “Have a clear understanding and view of the organisation, enabling a HR professional to develop a clear strategy in line with their goals and aspirations, to enable them to provide solutions to challenges they are facing now and ones potentially in the future”. 2, Leading HR –

“Driving and directing the organisation through insightful and analytical information, so that all employees and stake holders recognise changes, challenges and the direction the organisation is going in”. Each area or HR specialism has 8 behaviours that a professional HR person must master to progress within their professional area or general HR career. Role model | Curious| Decisive thinker| Skilled influencer| Personally credible| Collaborative| Driven to deliver| Courage to challenge|

Through understanding each behaviour and how they relate to each professional area you can map your current level of understanding. There are 4 bands to progress through as a hr professional
* Band 1 “Support colleagues, effectively managing information and processing administration”

* Band 2 “Manage or advice on HR related issues to an individual or team”
* Band 3 “Be a leader within HR as a consultant or partner addressing HR challenges on a short, medium or long term basis

* Band 4 “Be responsible for the direction that HR takes within an area or organisation controlling strategy Each band is recognised by the level of CIPD membership you have, supporting information for each band can be submitted to the CIPD for them to accredit you with the appropriate membership level Associate, Chartered Member, Chartered Fellow. You can assess your own career progress through the My HR Map My current position relates closest to the area of Resourcing and Talent Management and I am working at band level 1 and 2 , in this position I cover resourcing ,talent identification, assessment and selection, induction and the legal framework. Activity 2

HR Monday morning
An email has arrived that was sent Friday night at 6pm, the accounts team leader has requested that I look into a holiday request from one of her team. They submitted the request using the correct forms using the companies intranet but the employee has not been given the decision whether it has been authorised or not and they are not due to be out of the business until the summer but they want to book a holiday. In the morning meeting the HR Manager has requested that all the historic equal opportunities information is added to the new HR software they have bought. This needs to be done as soon as possible the manager has said – “The company has an audit looming from head office in the next few weeks”. A very persistent recruitment consultant that has been calling for the last few days looking for feedback for a candidate they put forward for the role of “telesales person” called again and left the following message while I was in the morning meeting – “The candidate has another job opportunity and will not be on the job market for long he needs to know if they are going to be inviting him in for a second interview or offering him the job” HR has not yet had the interview feedback from the sales manager who interviewed the candidate. The manager in question has been chased by email for his feedback a couple of times already as a week has passed now. Plan of action

First would be too contact the sales manager and get his feedback as the company cannot afford to lose out on potential candidates due to the manager being slow in forthcoming with his interview feedback. Once I had this I would call the recruitment consultant so that the candidate can be made aware what will be happening next with their application. The candidate needs to be made aware as soon as possible so as not to harm the company’s top local employer to work for image, especially as sales talent is hard to find. At this time I would also ask the consultant to apologise to the candidate for the delay in giving feedback to them. On the same call I would ask the consultant if they had any temporary data inputting people available in the next few days as I might have a project coming up for one or two. Next I would discuss a plan of action for inputting the equal opportunities information into the new HR system with the HR manager. This could be better done as a team effort to clear the data quickly. I would also suggest a temporary data entry person to help depending on the amount of data and how urgently the manager felt this task was. Once the HR database inputting plan is set in motion I would contact IT and ask if we had been experiencing any problems with the intranet and explain the situation that a holiday request form has not come through to me from the proper channel. Having been given a copy of the request forms from IT and a promise they will look into it I will now check on the HR software that the days requested are free for the employee to take and contact the accounts team leader to let them know. Email Advantages | Email Disadvantages |

Quick delivery of information| Less social contact with people| Convenient| Less hand writing practice|
Send able to lots of contact or groups at once| Can be bad for eyes due to computer screen focusing| No limit to message size | Messages can be misinterpreted| Attach large documents or attachments at the click of a button| Computer virus can spread easily from emails| No paper – environmentally friendly| Easy to make a typing error| Little cost| Easy to send to the wrong person by mistake| | Access to pc and internet required|

| Privacy as easily forwarded on and could be intercepted by another (IT department)| | Email may not be delivered due to size or spam filters |

Telephone Advantages | Telephone Disadvantages |
It help to build relationships| Disbelief or dissatisfaction can be picked up easily by hearing the tone and pitch of the persons voice.| It instant communication and has no distance limitations on time| When on the phone you have to think and react fast to questions or objections| In person conversations can be more private| personality can affect judgement of communication | You can conference more than one person in at a time and have a three way conversation or group discussion.| In personal| It can be recorded for verification or training support| Can be tiring and has a vocal physical requirement| Can be a form of mass communication i.e call centres| |

Texting Advantage| Texting Disadvantages|
Send messages quick and easily| Messages can be misinterpreted| Ability to have personal conversation| Can be difficult to type | You can store text messages for future use or record| Limited to message size| Low cost| Easy to send to the wrong person|

Direct| No way of knowing for sure unless they reply that the message has been received , understood or acted upon| Gets point or message across without interruption| |
Great for instructional conversations| |
Development plan|
NAME:| Michael Quelch| MEMBERSHIP NUMBER:| 23245950|
COVERING THE PERIOD FROM:| June 2013| TO:| July 2014|
All development points are in line with the associate membership criteria What do I want/need to learn?| What will I do to achieve this?| What resources or support will I need?| What will my success criteria be?| Target dates for review and completion| Complete my CHRP Qualification| Submit all Tutor Marked Assignment on time and pass all criteria| Set aside time to complete course work, support from my tutor, CIPD recourses, course material| Completion of the course and passing| May 2014| Deliver discrete tasks and projects| Set up a new PDP process for my companies employees using the CIPD guidelines and what I have learnt from the CHRP course| I will require approval and support from my line manager, CIPD online resources, Introduction to Human Resources Management book.| Completion of the project on time and a positive survey result from the company employees centred around the new PDP I have put in place | Jan 2014| Identify organisational and people issues and provide input in finding solutions to these| Organise a workshop with my team focusing on challenges they are facing within sales and find common problems to solve, implement a new strategy for sales.

| A meeting to discuss the challenges the team are facing with the sales manager, CIPD online resources, support from my team and management in making any changes required to operational tasks and sales strategy| I will review any changes made after 1 months and collate statistics on calls made in comparison to software demonstrations booked, demonstrations done, rebooks required, quotations sent and sales figures. I will then create a spread sheet to see if the changes have produced results| August 2013| Specialise in Resourcing and talent planning| Take on the task of talent attraction to the company and interviewing all new employees to join the business, shadowing my manager| Study interview and selection techniques from the CIPD resourcing and talent management book which I have now purchased. Gain support from the stake holders in the business that a more structured approach will improve the quality of the candidates employed and improve retention. | Improvement in filled positions ,employees retention and my knowledge and experience in resourcing and talent planning| May 2014| Why is continual personal development important to me and my company? Continual personnel development will help me to achieve my career goals and aspirations, it will also help my employer as I will be able to take on more responsibility and deliver better results through increasing my knowledge of HR and related activities