Student’s Behavior: Red Alert sample essay

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There is a single place in this country I despise but for Heaven’s sake, I have to be there almost every day, the classroom. Eager to learn as I am, the sight of the classroom makes me green and sick to my stomach. I feel nothing but outrage, nausea, and irritating discomfort in the classroom. The reason for all of this madness and uneasiness is the improper and crude behavior of my fellow students in the classroom toward the teacher, which is totally deplorable. American youngsters today seem to be blatantly rude, reckless and discourteous not only at school but also in public.

The biggest thorn in my eyes is the way that people attend class. Sometimes, to me, the classroom is like a street market. People can come at any time they want or leave at anytime they please. Some are devouring their quick dinner as if they were starving to death as the teacher giving his lecture. Some sit as if they were models whose pictures are being taken by photographers either with their feet resting on the table or leaning listlessly, or should I say, fully stretching out on the filthy little table. Worse, were Gianni Versace rejuvenated and present there, he would be dumbfounded at the way people dress, which is abysmally “fashionable”.

Some dress as multicolored as the Scarlet Macaw Parrot. Psychedelic ones wear steel chain on their wrist and show tattoos on their torso as their Heavy Metal idols. Yet, in my opinion, the most magnificent punks are those who turn the classroom into a Victoria’s Secret show. People certainly cannot dress like that in the office, so why are they allowed to thus dress in the classroom? Am I too archaic or too conservative toward the way people dress or is it because youngsters today have lost all the formal taste for fashion?

Another fact-that bothers me is the way those fools study. They never do their assignments; yet, they expect to pass the class. And when the teacher asks them if they’ve done their assignments yet, I wonder where do they pull out the guts to be able to reply curtly, “NO!” which show total disrespect and utter impertinence toward the teacher. And when the time of examination comes, they try to “bargain” the teacher to give them the easier test or ask for all kinds of help. They are the best in keeping all the tutors down the assistance center busy and they are also the reasons for hundred of adrenaline rushes into my blood since I cannot control myself when I hear all kinds of stupid, brainless, and silly questions they ask during the review session. I wouldn’t blame my overwhelming and almost uncontrollable joy as I see a big huge D on their test paper.

Alike contagious disease, rudeness has no boundary; it spreads from the classroom to the public. No wonder why, months ago, Bob Dart of the Cox Newspaper ran a burning title, “Land of the mean, home of the rage” as to regard to the rudeness of Americans. I couldn’t agree more. Their surveys have showed that: 60% driver answered that they have usually encountered wild and thoughtless motorists, 73% replied that public relationship was more respectful and polite than it is today, 62% admitted that they felt greatly disturbed and offended to witness crass and coarse conduct. Mockingly, 44% of those who participated in the survey confessed themselves to have been boorish toward others in the past. Obviously, there will be 18% of these people who misbehaved in public, yet they felt affronted when seeing misconduct. That well demonstrates a don’t-give-a-damn attitude of this society.

So who bears the responsibility for the wide-spread of such wretched behaviors? I would like to first censure the government since they are heavily responsible in this issue. First off, they need to have a tighter grip on explicit music and TV shows. Though they have stick the decal, “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content” on the outside of a Rap record or heavy metal which contains vulgar, obscene and violent content, they really need to set the age limit for purchasing of these CDs and control it as strictly as they have done toward nicotine product and alcohol. A sixteen-year-old like me can go to a store to buy an album like, “The Eminem Show” without being asked for an ID.

Also, TV show has been getting “realer” and “realer” with explicit, licentious and stupid show. How childish it is to replace a long “beeeep” with an F word, or to use a blurry dot to hide a middle finger because it made no difference. Such things must be restricted because who knows whether kids are watching these shows or not; or at least, one needs to buy or enters some specific statement to prove his or her eligibility of being old enough to watch such programs.

Part of the answer of why it is getting so bad has already been partly answered in the article-“Sleep habit leaves Americans tubby, grouchy.” As sleep deprived, the more workaholic of a nation we become since the reason for that lack of sleep is all for work’s sake: long drive to work, waking up early in the morning to beat the traffic, over time work, and all other kinds. The America is now ahead of Japan and now is “honored” to become the most workaholic nation on the globe. Thrust in the fact that Americans have the fewest holidays as well as no national health insurance, which Europeans have enjoyed for years, the situation seems to be exacerbated. It’s no wonder that Americans are “fraying at the seams of nearly all segments of their society.” So much time at work enlarges the generation gap between parents and child. The parents tend to lose control over their children and on the other hand, the children, who are free from all rules and disciplines, will get wild and naughty.

The teachers themselves also share a burden of the fault. To tell you the truth, teachers in the America are the most adorable beings on this planet. They are erudite (well, most of them are), kind, devoted and easy-going. I had a very lovely teacher in **, who taught me Anatomy. Every time I asked, “Mrs. Sorensen, could you help me?” She always answered with a pleasant, “Yes, sir.” Not only she, but many teachers also call us with a title. They always show respect to the students; yet, the students show lack of courtesy toward the teachers and some of them start exploiting the kindness of the teachers. Teaches in the America have failed to draw the limit line between themselves and the students.

They need to be a lot stricter. For instance, the teacher should ask the student to get out of the class if he or she fails to come on time or fails to act positively in the classroom. The teacher should post a notice, “I RESERVE A RIGHT TO REFUSE TO TEACH ANYONE” on the back of the syllabus. That’s right!! While the bus driver is able to ask a malodorous homeless guy to leave the bus, why can’t the teacher refuse to accept “rotten” behavior in the classroom? Teachers should kick out all the idiots and save the studying for those who deserve to. Teachers of the student’s mind they are, they also need to be an instructor of their soul. It may seem a bit extravagant to say that but it is really important to shape a good person before one shapes a worker, a lawyer or a doctor.

I am inclined to think that one’s education has been in vain if one fails to learn the very first lesson to be courteous toward others. Education draws a strict line between a human beings and a wild beast. The tiger, who nature teaches him to delight in shedding blood, needs but the organs of smelling to know when his prey is within his reach and by following this instinct he is enabled to measure the leap necessary to enable him to spring on his victims. On the other hand, man, who education teaches him to loathe the idea of such “uncivilized” and “crude” action, must always act consciously. Ergo, one who does not know how to act appropriately toward others fails to bear the title “human beings.”