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There are many students that get straight A’s in school, but there are also many that don’t. Most students may think that there is no way for them to receive straight A’s; that they are just not smart enough. Sometimes you don’t have to be the impertinent or the most forsaken one to receive straight A’s, all you need is a few simple techniques. The main idea of the reading provides students with lucid ideas and explains how to achieve a grade point average of 4. 0 in school.

Some of the techniques according to the experts accommodate; setting priorities, once you are set on doing your homework that is the only thing that should appear into your brain is school work, no computers or cell phone. Second, study anywhere or everywhere, you can even study while you are working out, or engaging in a sport. Third, it is earnest to get organized, have all of your work for one subject in one place and the same for other subjects. It is better to have 2 to 3 folders and know what is in each one. Forth, learn how to read, if you can’t read befittingly than it will be very hard to achieve good grades.

Learning to read allows you to understand better and remember significant things. Fifth, make sure to have a schedule time, knowing when you are doing things helps you plan; it is ok to have some procrastinating sometimes. Lastly, take good notes; the more in depth you notes are the better you will understand the information. It is also very good to take notes while reading an assignment. The writing gives 5 more secrets to becoming a straight A student. The first one is clean up your act; betoken have your papers neatly ordered, and have clean and nice papers to turn in.

The second secret is speak up, if you don’t understand something tell your teacher and get help. Next, have a study partner or group, canvassing problems together helps you understand different ways of solving a problem. The last two are test yourself and do more than you are asked; you should always audit your work and do it over if something is not right. Also, doing more than a teacher asks you to, is always great because you are augmenting your knowledge. Summary/ Critique I found many interesting things while reading the article Secrets of a Straight A Student.

I always thought that you either get all A’s or you don’t, but it turns out that anyone can change that with a few simple techniques. I really liked how the reading used examples from students in colleges, and the names of teachers’ and students; it makes it actually seem real to me, even though I know that it is. This article really helps me and I will defiantly use some of the critiques given; such as speaking up, scheduling my time, and take better notes. This was a great article and I hope I can start becoming a straight A student.