Sony Vaio Consumer Behavior sample essay

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In this Consumer Behavior assignment, students are required to choose a product such as Apple-iPad, Apples-iPhones, laptops, cars, handbags, cosmetics, skin care, food and beverages and so on. The product that I choose is Sony VAIO T Series Ultrabook. First of all, students are required to study and give an introduction about the explanation on the product and address the background of the product. Next, students are required to identify the features and criteria weight age the buying. Students are required to briefly relate their preferences on the criteria and features. Lastly, students are explaining consumer behavioral theory that relevant to their decision making on buying the product. Students will more understanding on consumer behavioral theory through the question of the assignment.

Pictures of the Sony VAIO T series Ultrabook

1.Can touch the screen 2. Have two colours of choice

3.Full flat design and thin and light 4.Instant wake-up and battery saving mode

Table of Content
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Pictures of the Sony VAIO T series Ultrabook| 3|
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1.The background of Sony Corporation| 5|

1.1The explanation of the Sony VAIO T series Ultrabook| 6| 2.The features of the Sony VAIO T series Ultrabook | 7| 3.Explain consumer behavioral theory that relevant to my decision making on buying the product. | 9| References| 11|

1.The background of the Sony Corporation

The largest media corporation in the world, Sony Corporation is one of the leading producers of video gaming consoles, video communication, information technology and electronics. Sony Corporation is even the parent company and the main electronic business division of Sony Group. This division was engaged in manufacturing five major operating segments which includes entertainment (music and motion pictures), games, financial services and electronics.

Sony was founded after Second World War in 1946 in Tokyo under the name Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corp. by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. The company started with 190,000 yen for began researching. In 1955, the company decided to use the SONY logo on Totsuko products and three years later changed its name to Sony Corporation ( Nov 2012).

It was in 1955 when this company released its first commercial product TR-55 (transistor radio). After that it went on to release many such products and slowly the company changed from its original name and so in January 1958, the company’s name was changed to Sony. Trinitron Colour Television in 1968, the colour video cassette player in 1971, the Betamax VCR in 1975, the Walkman in 1979, the world’s first CD player in 1982, the 8mm camcorder based on a universal standard in 1985, the first consumer-use digital video camcorder in 1995, the next generation high capacity optical disc “Blu-ray Disc” recorder in 2003 and the world’s first consumer use digital HD video camera recorder conforming to HDV standards in 2004, just to mention a few historic Sony milestones ( Nov 2012).

Since then, it has been noted for manufacturing some of the best in-house standards for new storage and recording technologies as a substitute of adopting those products manufactured by other companies. At, present Sony is recognized as one of the leaders in electronics manufacturing products from videocassettes to video players, DVD’s to Televisions and from Music Systems to Laptops ( Nov 2012).

1.1The explanation of the Sony VAIO T series Ultrabook

The Sony VAIO named as Video Audio Integrated Operations. In 2008, VAIO was changed to Visual Audio Intelligence Organiser because to celebrate the brand’s 10th year anniversary. The Sony VAIO is a sub-brand for Sony’s computer products. Sony VAIO has much type of series for Sony’s laptop products. For an example VAIOTM DUO 11, E Series, T Series and E Series (VPEC). The idea was developed by Timothy Hanley, as a way of distinguishing items that use audio and video as well as been functional PC’s ( Nov 2012).

The Sony’s laptop product that I choose is T series Ultrabook. Sony has confirmed its first ultrabook which is T series, will be available at early Jun, for those user who are looking for a light and handy laptop with a full-size screen. The Sony VAIO T series is a 13’3 in Ultrabook has been designed to look good and provide a lot of processing power in a thin chassis. The weights of the ultrabook is 1.6 kg, the processor speed is 1.8 Ghz and can provide up to 9 hours of battery life for the solid-state drive (SSD) version, the company claimed. The memory of the ultrabook is 4mb and the hard drive capacity is 500 GB ( Nov 2012).

The ultrabook is suitable for home users and corporate types, but not serious players, due to the lack of a dedicated graphics processor. It is very sturdy, no creaking or bending of the sense of touch is very good. The touchpad responsive, there is a complete area, click functionality, click the lower right corner of the right hand right reserved. A slight downside is that while clicking, the mouse sometimes drifts away slightly as you are still on the touch surface; I found tapping the touchpad more reliable.

The screen is bright; the apparatus of this type has a good viewing angle. The screen is glossy and matte, so it can be like a mirror in a bright environment. The resolution is also fine for a screen of this size. It is no retina display for sure as close inspection of letters reveals the step-like stagger of pixilation. However, the key word there is close to stagger heals naturally – not a deal breaker: in normal eyes away from the screen.

The camera is great, from what I can see, good colour performance. I have not tried it, but in low light conditions. The microphone picks up sound very good, so there is no crying need.

The speaker is surprisingly good, completely hidden. My wife bought a cheap ($ 9), USB power supply before, she tried to laptop, she really should not bother you outperformed them in all aspects of external speakers laptop. Speaking of sound, then cooling fan is audible at full throttle, but is acceptably quiet.

Ports-wise, this laptop is well-endowed, especially given its ultrabook form factor: LAN port, VGA, full HDMI, SD & Pro Duo card slot, headphone port, 1x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0 (also a sleeping-charge port for external devices). The keyboard is clickless and has that nice resist and collapse feel, so no sponginess ( Nov 2012).

2.The features of the Sony VAIO T series Ultrabook

(a) Touch and Go – The T series Ultrabook ™ is for you with 13 “and 14” models, plus a 13 “touch screen option, combined with the ultra-portable and convenient touch T’s slender form factor to go anywhere from the bedroom to the conference room. Immediate response when you open the lid, let alone enough performance and full connectivity to your device, the T series all wrapped in a beautiful brushed aluminium design Ultrabook ™, inspired from Intel ®. I’m using the 14” models and the screen is big and I can watch movie with clearly. Some more I just need use my finger to touch and can search the information.

(b) More ports and most – 13.3 “T-Series seamlessly integrated port, the lack of other Ultrabook computers, its smooth, full graphic design without additional component, VGA and HDMI ® Gigabit Ethernet port means you can connect to yourHDTV, Blu-ray Disc ™ player, external monitor (cable must be purchased separately). Use USB3.0 ports, transfer heavy files speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0., and a memory card slot rapid transmission photos and videos. Addition, the 14 “model has a CD-ROM drive, for your convenience. Rich port, but still ultra-portable. It have many ports can connect to Micro SD, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) and so on. Micro HD can print out the photo directly without connect to the phone or camera. HDMI is a digital replacement for existing analog video standards. This can connect to digital audio device, computer monitor, video projector, or digital television.

(c) Full speed ahead – Spend less time waiting and more time doing. With optional solid-state drive device (SSD), you Ultrabook start in a few seconds. Start the application, it’ll get up and running in no time flat. SSD has no moving parts; it is more durable and less prone to crashing. Or choose a faster start up the UPS hybrid hard drive (HHD) than traditional hard disk drives. When I on my ultrabook I no need to wait so long. It just on at few seconds only. This is faster than other laptops. (d) Wondrous Webcam – Built-in high-definition network camera with Sony Exmor ® R image sensor, which helps to ensure a clear, bright image, even in the dimly lit room. The camera is the perfect snapped a self-portrait, video conferencing client or catch up with your friends. Like magic, you can use the camera and some simple gestures to skip a song, adjust the volume, browse the web; do not even have to touch your computer VAIO gesture control.

This webcam is clear and good colour perform. (e) Magic buttons – You need to press a button then directly start the VAIO Care ™ debug and maintenance tools ASSIST button, or press the WEB button instant access to the Internet, without a complete Windows ® starts. VAIO launched Play Memories Home software to create movies, edit photos or media library, and enjoy your music in a whole new way. It’s fast and easy. This button is convenient to me to open what I want. For example, I no need use the mouse and click the icon of web then I just can enter to the web. (f) Entertaining Apps – Experience your photos, videos, music, and more has never been more so with the Sony media applications. Seamless connection, whether you want to enjoy your content at all compatible Sony devices. The best of Sony technology cooperation, the richest, the most wonderful experience possible. In addition, you can also connect to your favourite social networking with friends to share, and easy access to an infinite array of Sony Entertainment Network and other online services. These apps can let me to share some gallery to the Internet. I no need to download any apps from the Internet and I can find it directly from my ultrabook. Nov 2012

3.Explain consumer behavioral theory that relevant to my decision making on buying the product.

(a) Need for self-actualization (Maslow’s Hierarchy)

This is the fifth level needs of Maslow’s Hierarchy. The need for self-actualization is self fulfilment. This need refers to a person’s desire to achieve his or her potential to become everything he or she is capable of becoming (Solomon M.R 1996). I want to purchase this branded of ultrabook so I need to work as a part time worker to get the ultrabook. I want to get this product by my capable so I worked as a part time worker at the bakery shop for few months then I just can get the ultrabook. This is how I get what I want by my capable even how hard in the working I also will endure and try to achieve the target.

(b) Detached individuals (Neo-Freudian personality theory)

Detached individuals are those who move against others such as they desire to independent, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and individualism or freedom from obligations. These kinds of peoples are less likely to be brand loyal and were more likely to try different brands. I’m the one of personality is like that want to try new brands won’t be the brand loyal (Solomon M.R 1996). Actually I have a Dell laptop before I’m using the Sony VAIO this brand of products even the functions of Dell laptop is good I also want to try the other brands of products. I want to purchase the Sony VAIO ultrabook because I want to get a more popular brand of the products.

(c) Consumer innovativeness (Trait theory)

The trait of consumer innovativeness has been linked to the need for stimulation, novelty seeking, and the need for unique. Have two innovativeness scales that are a general consumer and a domain specific consumer. For instance of general consumer is I enjoy taking the chances in buying unfamiliar brands just to get some variety in my purchase (Solomon M.R 1996). For an example of domain specific consumer is compared to my friends, I own few ultrabook or I will buy a new ultrabook, even if I heard it yet. I was general consumer innovativeness because when I see a new product or some products of new brand on the shelf, I’m not afraid of giving it a try such as the Sony VAIO T series ultrabook.

(d) Reinforcement (Learning theory)

The reinforcement of the increased likelihood of a particular response will occur in the future implied or stimulate specific results (Solomon M.R 1996). For an example, the SK II ad presents the step process for facial skin care based on three products. This ad is teaching and designed to generate consumer learning. If a customer finds that the cleansing routine based on the three products featured in this ad relieves her acne problem, then she is likely to continue to buying and using these products. I also learn how to use the ultrabook from the manual. This manual is giving when you buy the ultrabook and some more the salesperson also has taught me how to use the product when I considering want to purchase it or not.

(e) Attitude-toward-the-ad models (Attitude theory)

In an effort to understand the impact of advertising or some other promotional vehicle like a catalog on consumer attitudes toward particular products or brands, considerable attention has been paid to developing what has been referred to as attitude-toward-the-ad models (Solomon M.R 1996). I will notice the new product of the Sony VAIO T series ultrabook because I get a catalog when I pass through the shop. At that time, my attention was get attract by the catalog this is because I saw the design of the product and the features of the products and I tell myself I must want to get the product no matter how.

(f) The process of consumer decision making

(i) Need: This is the first stage of the process for consumer decision making. The need is the most important factor, which leads to the purchase of products and services. Need in fact is the catalyst which triggers the buying decision of individuals. I will but the ultrabook because I need the ultrabook to do my assignment and search information. I will choose to purchase the ultrabook because it is convenient to bring in and out and some more it just light only.

(ii) Information search: This is step two of the process for consumer decision making. When an individual realize he / she needed a particular product / service, he / she tried, as he / she could collect as much information as possible. An individual can acquire information through any of the following sources are personal sources (we might discuss the needs with friends or families), commercial sources (advertisements, salespeople, packaging of a particular product in many cases prompt individuals to buy the same, displays), public sources (newspaper, radio, magazine and Internet), experiential sources (individual’s own experience, prior handling of a particular product (we would definitely purchase a Dell laptop again if we had already used one). I have discuss about that I want to purchase the ultrabook with my family and get some ideas from them and I have do some research for the product from Internet. Last, I get the suggestion of the salesperson.

(iii) Evaluation of alternatives: The next step is to evaluate the various alternatives available in the market. People gather relevant information; try to choose as the best choice according to our needs, tastes and pockets. I was so some research for the price of the products from the Internet and the salesperson. After that, I’m considering the price, package and warranty of the product.

(iv) Purchase of product or service: After going through all the above stages, customer finally purchases the product. At last, I purchase the ultrabook for myself after I consider this is because I really need it.

(v) Post purchase evaluation: The purchase of the product is followed by post purchase evaluation. Post purchase evaluation refers to a customer’s analysis whether the product was useful to us or not, whether the product fulfilled our need or not? I no regret after I purchase it because I need it and this is what I want and this product can fulfil my needs. The features of ultrabook is very useful to me. Nov 2012

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