Signature Assesment Essay

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23 September

Signature Assesment

As I come to the end of my first master’s course, it certainly does come with a price of perfection, and perfection I have not found yet. I feel overwhelmed with words and the usage of APA style. My professor Dr. Kris Lichtanski says that scholarly writing is a must when one enters the Psychology field. I have finally understood what scholarly writing is truly about.

Every time I hear the words “scholarly writing”, I think of Aristotle and Socrates for some reason, These two famous men from the beginning of antiquity, have impacted our souls and minds with such great wisdom, such as education and medical teachings that one can only imagine and this imagination for me is what I will sent out to achieve and finally turn an imagination into a dream, which will then turn into scholarly writing and finally into reality. So, traveling through time from antiquity to reality is what I call a major road trip.

I hope to achieve this skill of writing, and possess the qualities that I have learned from my first mentor to the turning of the tassel. I find myself forming an opinion already of what one must do to obtain a degree of higher education from NCU and it truly scares me. I feel that as I write this first assignment I will take the actionable goals, use the intermediate and immediate in a positive manner, use personal control, and demonstrate meaningful insight in the presentations of my activities with in each class.

The assignment is broken down into three parts, program resources and a personal success plan and finally a motivation touchstone, as I started the master’s program I had a variety of assignments to do and with all the resources I have collected throughout the first course. I have compiled a variety of the resources and shall use them throughout the courses to come. My Program Resources 1. Building the Vision- Activity resources- Library Roadrunner Search Discovery, Writing Center –Smart Thinking online 24/7 tutorial service 2.

Taming the Time Management Beast- Attack Your Day! Before It Attacks You, by Woods, Mark (Woods,) Entire Time Management Workbook- I will use this as a skill builder and plan to use the Mark Woods time course to help set my future goals. 3 Giving Credit Where Credit is Due-Northcentral Academic Integrity Tutorial Successful vs. unsuccessful paraphrases and () Basics of APA Style. This resource will be my Bible and my guiding strength and I can access this from the NCU website. 4. How to Find What You Need-http://library. ncu.

edu/dw_template. aspx? parent_id=226 http://www. apa. org/topics/index. aspx. I will find theses skill builders, resources and I plan to use this as my main topic first on every assignment by researching all the topics in the NCU library 5. Thinking critically-. —I would like to us this skill every day in my life as well as the work I will do for NCU. I would like to use a thinking website to challenge my brain. I need thinking tips and using higher productivity as well as clarity of thought to write papers with integrity.

6. Preparing an Annotated bibliography-When I will prepare an annotated bibliography, I will use the NCU library as well as all the skill builders plus proof readers. 7. Creating Actionable Goals related to obtaining your Graduate Degree- All the goals that I plan to use will be strong and hopefully attainable; I think that all the sites that Mark Woods’s ideology benefit and I feel with help from (my therapist)set my plan and work my plan in baby steps are better for me. References

http://dx. doi. org/Retrieved from http://www. headscratchers. comhttp:// Woods, M. Attack your day before it attacks you Retrieved hhttp://ncuregistration. attackyourday. net) http://www. canberra. edu. au/studyskills/writing/bibliography- http://www. lib. purdue. edu/content/tutorials-scientific-paper http://www. organizeyourself. com www. criticalthinking. org http://7rulesofachievement. com/resources http://www. goalstoaction. com http://www. timemanagementtraininghq. com

My Personal Success Plan | | | Skill| Skill Evaluation| Goals(Indicate if these goals are immediate or intermediate goals)| | | | | | | Skill| Skill Evaluation| Goals(Indicate if these goals are immediate or intermediate goals)| | Beginner| Familiar| Master| | Visualizing overall goals| 1| 1| 0| Intermediate goals-I have a hard visualizing any goal I attain. ( fear of failure)| Understanding how I can reach those goals at Northcentral| 1| 1| 0| Intermediate goals-I feel through solid guidance and outstanding support from my mentors, advisors and perseverance, I can achieve the degree that I want and be proud of myself.

| Understanding and applying the Academic Integrity Policy| 2| 2| 1| Immediate goals- As I go through each activity and class, I will have a better understanding and shall apply the academic Integrity policy with/tp each paper that I write. | Applying APA citation| 1| 1| 0| Immediate goals- absolutely with every minute I write a paper, I will improve with the resources from NCU Library as well as a proof reader. | Read and analyze complex texts| 1| 1| 0| Immediate goals- I shall try understand and improve my reading comprehension with complex texts.

| Perform an online library search| 1| 2| 1| Immediate goals- each time I perform an online search, I am constantly improving my skills with the ROADRUNNER Search. | Manage time| 2| 1| 0| Immediate/Intermediate goals demonstrate personal control – with/out medication—as long as triggers do not affect me and slow my anxiety/depression. I will need assistance with this as well. | Formulate actionable goals| 1| 1| 0| Intermediate- demonstrates positive and meaningful goals.

Formulate actions that will be personal as well as productive. I would like to use some resources to attain these goals. | Self evaluate skills and progress| 2| 2| 1| Immediate/Intermediate goals. -I would like to self-evaluate my goals on a daily basis, because my therapist says this is part of my recovery. I also, will be able to evaluate my skills because I will see my academic progress as well. | My Motivation Touchstone My third and final submission for will be submitted on a separate file as indicated by the activity sheet.