Should We or Should We Not Write sample essays in Science Class sample essay

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A Science class is not an appropriate course for a student to consume their needs of time into an assigned essay, as an English class would purposely cover. It is not a place where a student should be assigned to write an essay. For that matter, students essentially have an English class. Science class is a course where students learn science related topics through observation and experimentation. Purposely, time for a science class is spent doing experimentations where students learn more efficiently.

A Science class should not assign essays to their students because their understanding of the curriculum is from observations and calculations from experiments. This makes it inappropriate because there is no reason for the students to be doing them. Whether a student needs a science class for the specific career they want to pursue in the future or they need it for credits, assigning an essay to a student would be a waste of time. Students will understand by observing and taking notes about the specifics they had learn. Not by writing essays.

Essays have no purpose for a science course, because students already have an English course to write essays. Essays are covered in an English class, and there is no reason why a student should be writing them in another class. Time in a science class is clearly spent doing experiments and observation. Writing essays in a science class accomplishes no purpose either because the time could be better spent doing experiments where the students understand and learn more. Essays are written as an understanding for a certain topic, but in a science class basically all the understanding comes from observations. Completing essays will clearly be a waste of time for the class.

For a science class, students considerably don’t have time to write an essay for another course like science. I personally get homework every-single day and it takes me an average of 3 hours to complete all my assignments. I am constantly staying up late, always trying to finish my homework. I come home at six o’ clock everyday because that’s when my mom picks me after my extra-curricular activities. Most students even have more extra-curricular activities than me. Concerning all the clubs most schools have, and jobs people have. It’s already time-consuming enough to fill our own needs with fun-activities, other than homework.

A science course should not assign essays to their students because there is no purpose, it’s not appropriate, and it consumes more time out of a student. Science is not even in the same field as English so why would the curriculum of an essay which is under the English field relate to Science. It just serves no correct purpose to write an essay for a science class because it wouldn’t give any new understanding to a student. A student is placed in an English course and Science course for separate reasons, and because of that an essay should not be covered in a Science class as it already is covered in an English class.