The law is a set of rules that governs and help maintain law and order in a country or an institution. People break rules for different reasons. Individuals are therefore punished in accordance to the crime committed.  A criminal is someone who breaks the law. Criminals break the law due to various reasons. Some comit crimes to feed their families, get quick money while others do it for revenge or to display heroism. Most people who commit crimes are usually drug abusers. Crimes are usually well planned by individuals who are at most times mentally stable.

The upbringing of child is very important as this is when a child is moulded to become either responsible or irresponsible. Some people become criminals because they want to feel in control. Peer pressure and being in a wrong peer group is also a reason people become criminals. Poverty, unemployment, poor health, mental illness, alcoholism and need to live a better life are some of the reasons people comit crimes. Both male and female comit crimes. Males comit crimes that are so violent and difficult to execute while females commit crimes that are relatively “easy” to execute such as shoplifting.

There is no right or wrong crime. Committing any crime Is prohibited and punishable by law. Some people may think stealing to provide for their families is right. Others may think committing crimes to pay hospital bills or buy medications for their loved ones is right. A crime remains to be a crime despite the motives. Committing crimes is not the only solution to a problem. In fact, it could cause more damage than good.

Criminals are egocentric and ignorant in that they only think about themselves. They do not care about anything. Their main goal is to comit a crime, stay alive and get away with the crime. They care less about the subject to whom the crime is committed. In a case of shoplifting or robbery, these individuals are looking for quick money to sustain themselves or their families. They never want to get caught as their families depend on them. However, they do not care the extent of damage they will cause to the subject. At times these petty crimes could led to death.

Criminals are punished according to the type and extent of crime committed. For this reason, some may serve a short time than others. Some people never learn from their mistakes and you may find someone who served a short time in jail back to the community still committing crimes. Some who may be in rehabilitation centers come back in the society and bring positive impact. Others never change. However notorious a criminal may be, it’s always good to not take actions against them.

Rehabilitating criminals and showing the opportunities or alternatives of raising money to cope with their needs would be a smart move. However, there are some who never learn. They still ruin their chances despite being given a chance to redeem themselves. For these types of criminals, punishing them would be a best way to discipline them. For women with toddlers or mentally ill individuals, rehabilitating them and getting them back on track would be a little fair. For the ignorant criminals who definitely don’t care about others than themselves, punishing them would be wise as they would serve as good examples to the others.

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