Service learning Essay

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8 October

Service learning

?Baker IDI heart and Diabetes Institute is the Primary healthcare facility which helps to maintain the health and well being of each individual in the community. This essay is focused on the services provided by Bakers IDI and describes the importance of service learning to the Nursing students. It also explains the aims and benefits of service learning to nursing students. Bakers IDI is one of the leading Diabetes and Heart institute of Australia which has the mission of reducing disability from cardiovascular disease, Diabetes and other related disorder.

In order to maintain diabetes and heart conditions the services like: weight Assessment and management service, Preventive medicine approach, Community service, Preventive health brochure and training facility to different clinician are provided by this institute. It also has the collaboration with different countries like; Mauritius, South Africa, Fiji, India and Vietnam for prevention of heart disease and diabetes projects. This Institute also has special focus on Indigenous Australians.

Besides providing services to prevent the heart conditions and Diabetes the Bakers IDI also helps in promoting the health and well being of the individual, community and families which is one of the principle of primary healthcare as stated by McMurray and Clendon(2011). The community service program which is free for the community helps to identify and address the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and results are provided at the time of appointment.

The brochure distributed by them gives information about how to prevent the cardiovascular diseases and diabetes condition. The strength training fitness program called Lift for Life designed for the people with type 2 diabetes is also very beneficial. Service learning is the process of learning the service in practice rather than only getting the theoretical knowledge. The main aim of service learning for nursing students is to improve their ability to provide person centred care as stated by Dempsey, French, Hillege and Wilson (2009).

Service learning enables the students to actually be in the field and learn how the culturally appropriate care is provided as stated by Roxanne Amerson (2010). It also develops the critical thinking skill and reflection skill of each individual student. Service learning also helps in developing the communication, collaboration and leadership skill of an individual. Cardiovascular Risk Assessment: cardiovascular risk assessment is the service provided by Bakers IDI.

I would like to learn more about cardiovascular risk assessment service because it helps to find the risk factors that cause cardiovascular diseases and how to prevent them which will enhance my understanding of chronic conditions and also the critical thinking skill. Preventive Medicine Approach: Preventive medicine approach is one of the major objective/service of Bakers IDI. I would also like to learn more about the preventive medicine approach which will help me to understand the role of preventive measures to maintain health and well being of each individual in the community.

Weight Assessment and Management: It is one of the services provided by Bakers IDI. It helps people to identify the chronic weight issue and Obesity problem and also helps them to prevent these conditions by various management programs like; dietary/lifestyle programs, pharmaceutical treatments, devices and also the surgical options. I would like to learn more about this service which will help me to enhance my understanding of importance of maintaining balanced diet and weight to stay healthy and fit. References: Amerson, R. (2010).

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