| Self Exploration in Career Path Essay

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Self discovery and exploration is a significant process in determining a career path. Effective utilization of career assessment programs result to confident and reliable choices that adhere to ones dreams, motivation and passion in life. Psychologists have created career assessment tools that trigger career development that are important and enlightening. The purpose of the assessment test is to measure unique individual results in order to appropriately match them to rewarding careers that others with the same personalities have found beneficial and satisfying. Significant insight is achieved leading to the selection of a specific career path according to personality type, values, interests, goals and ability.


Several career tests are applied to measure the interests, goals skills, interactive styles and values of an individual. The results attained from the three main test of career path assist in determining the kind of work and potential career path that an individual can pursue to succeed in life. For instance, Inventory interest tests seek to identify the passion and desires of a person. Hence, determining the career path and types of work that an individual might find appealing considering their preferences, backgrounds and values. From the results achieved from the interest inventory test, careers such as mechanics, pharmacists and surgeon are best achieved by persons who enjoy socializing and intellectual confrontations. The most popular inventory interest tool used for tests include Campbell interest and skill survey (CISS), The Career Key and The O*NET Interest Tests (Bronson, 2002).

Consequently, Aptitude tests are conducted to determine how well an individual applies knowledge learnt and how well practical abilities are applied in specific expertise areas. The test concentrate on the capability of doing things quickly, accurately & similarities in visualizing 3D’s and shapes. It analysis’s technical skills and the understanding of basic math and words.

The results are used to identify the unique skills needed to succeed.

Finally, personality tests results are to use to identify the preferable work environment and approach methods of working with other people who possess different or similar personalities.


In conclusion, results attained from the personality tests help streamline and match individuals to the correct career paths that enough appropriate career developments and maximize productivity at work place (Holkeboer & Robert, 1996).