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Goal-oriented, Financial / Business Analyst with experience in Residential and Commercial Lending. Quickly learns new tasks and adapts to a changing environment. Solid leadership skills, pursuing a career with a well-established company in the commercial lending industry. Earned a solid reputation for being diligent, hard-working, and detail-oriented. Excellent verbal and written communication skills; solid command of the English language. Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of banking systems and providing clientele with business expertise in specialized loan application processing, booking, and servicing systems.

Functional Areas of Expertise Personal Assets

Records & Document Management
Credit Analysis
Contract Administration
Financial Revenue
Residential Mortgages
Real Estate Financial Analysis
Report Management
Loan Processing
Commercial Lending
Office Management
Customer Service Excellence

Highly Organized
Efficient / Creative
Hard Working / Reliable
Team Player / Positive Attitude
Results Oriented
Excellent Time Management Skills
Excellent Communication Skills
Crisis/Problem Resolution Skills
Excellent Interpersonal Skills

Fluent in English & Spanish


Bank of America, Waltham, MA 2006-Present
Collateral Loan Administrator II / Booking Coordinator
Conducts credit and financial analysis and prepares summaries to determine credit-worthiness for commercial loan customers.
Reviews loan documentation and determines if loan transactions are ready for AFS processing.
Effectively resolves issues arising from the loan packages and ensures all transactions are prepared for funding.
Expedite any loan disbursements and advances such as wire transfers, debits or credits to DDA accounts. Process check requisitions for recording fees.
Accurately files Collateral Lien documentation including UCC’s, Mortgages or Deed of Trusts, Life Insurance Assignments, Vehicle Titles through Ilien submission of UCC-1. F. Forwards documents directly to the pertinent Registry of Deeds for recording.
Implements exception tracking and standardization of collateral files, maintaining control of bank collateral. Inputs loans on the bank’s system of record, ACTION and AFS.
Responsible for data accuracy and timely completion of the booking and the collateral process.
Performs research and collaborates with line partners regarding loans.
Maintains Real Estate, Letters of Credit, Business Banking and Commercial Banking deals.

Leader Mortgage Company, Arlington, MA 2004-2006
Senior Loan Processor
Reviewed and underwrote first and second mortgage loans approved by DU.
Complied with Investor’s Underwriting Guidelines by assigning and signing off on conditions.
Prepared 20 to 30 loans for closing from the company’s monthly pipeline adhering to company deadlines.
Researched and gathered required information to process and complete loan files.
Analyzed documents to ensure accuracy and compliance with existing underwriting guidelines.

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Leader Mortgage Company, continued…
Prepared loan application packages, including Truth in Lending, Good Faith Estimate, and all necessary disclosures.
Ordered and reviewed appraisals to ensure compliance with DU and Investor’s requirements.
Conducted credit analysis and DU’s for loan applications.

Citizens Mortgage Corporation, Woburn, MA 2003-2004
Assistant Loan Officer
Identified and assisted prospective clients in the loan application process.
Verified applications and approved loans utilizing Loan Soft in collaboration with clients during and face-to-face interviews.
Prepared pre-approval letters and loan packages for qualified candidates for Residential Mortgages with products such as Soft-Second, FHA, MFHA, Conventional 30, 15, and 20 year Mortgages, Acorn, Aurora (Adjustable Mortgages), and all programs ruled by Fannie Mae Guidelines.

Boston Federal Savings Bank, Burlington, MA 2001-2002
Investor Loan Specialist
Maintained and serviced Investor Loans such as Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and other outside Banks, and internal Home Loans.
Performed excellent customer service and prepared monthly reconciliation of investor accounts.
Trained new employees, and prepared daily reports required by Freddie Mac.

State Street Bank, Boston, MA 2000
Loan Administrator
Maintained collateral records for bank loans and performed system to system and cash reconciliation on a daily basis.
Calculated clients’ monthly payments to match the custodian bank’s records and company records.


Master of Science in Administrative Studies, 2004
Concentration: Financial Markets & Institutions

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, 2001
Concentration: Finance


Microsoft Office• Outlook Email • ACTION •AFS • Internet

FDES • BA Direct• Ilien• Calyx Point • DU • Empower

Datalink • Bankers Window• Mortgage Links (for Fannie Mae Loans)• Microsoft Project

Midanet (for Freddie Mac Loans) • AS 400 • Project 2000