Racism among Human Interactions sample essay

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This essay will shortly focus on cultural diversity as the basis behind racial discrimination; its impact and effects on my community. It is important before in-depth digging on this assignment to consider the subject of racism as first, a belief that radiates passion, capable of igniting different forms of action ranging from discrimination, bulling, oppression, wrong prejudice, violence among others. Racism in accordance to Oxford dictionary is an ideology that holds that a particular racial stratum is characterized with generic abilities or capabilities that is different from other cultural caucus.

This specific characteristic is to other culture considered inferior or superior in its whole essence. Some other definitions for racism do hold fast that race is the fundamental identification of human inherent traits (Smedley & Brain 2005). The abilities thereof are a measure of racial dissimilarities that produce visible effect in assuming superiority to other racial groups (Merriam, n. d. ). In another author’s definition for racism, there is a pronouncement that human races possess distinct trait that predetermine their cultural orientation.

The orientation thus follows that one’s race is superior and has a predetermined authority to lord control over other races (Macquarie). Legal description of the term racial discrimination according to the submit of U. N. Convention on Racial Discrimination Elimination in March 1966, “it shall be any form of separation, exclusion, refrain, or preference based on racial origin in terms of color, descendant, nationality, ethnic group which result in impairing or infringing an equality in recognition, exercise of fundamental human right to freedom in affairs such as political platform, socioeconomic, cultural or any other diasporas in life.

” British law describes racism as a concept implying the definition as a particular society in terms of their “nationality, color, ethnic, race or citizenship. A sociologist, David Wellman in 1993 thus defined racism as a cultural convention that defends Whites’ superiority owing to the incapacitated position of the derelict minorities. Feagin, a former president of American Sociological Association, submits recently in a “theory of racial oppression” in the U. S. , that the White Americans intentionally create and circulate a system of racial discrimination that has presently uncontrollable eaten deep the bone of their society.

Major institutions are built on racial segregations in a non accidental manner but direct arrangement. Feagin recognizes that the operating racial system over decades have taken some forms of change, contending that there has been a significant reproduce of elemental seed of racism. The seed is a reflection of the present day’s “racial hierarchical institutions as far back as seventeenth century. The present day racial witnesses should be fast traced beyond the peripheral but seen as a rather infiltrating, and interconnected phenomenon that cut cross diverse social groups and establishments among the society.

Feagin’s view is in contrast to the assumption that racism is more of an attitude or a kind of irrational bigotry that is independent of social organization. This assumption is supported by the psychologist. Human Racism within Neighborhood in my community It is a sad experience to stay in a habitation among the people of unlike minds who do not for any reason believe that men are born equal, be it white or black, Negro or others. It is rather more saddened that there is a constant atmosphere of insecurity to live among people whose signals of dealings with them constantly radiate hatred and disregard of high caliber.

Where else does one needs to find rest if not home among neighborhoods? But the neighborhoods are soaked in an aura of perpetual dislike for color, for nationality and for genealogy order than the White they are. This is exemplified in a scenario when there was a call for a meeting to decide the fate of security our community one weekend. The leader do not border inviting a particular black and therefore, erroneously perceiving his opinion may not count but would rather give a second to the best of taught. And even peradventure, should he surpass every expectation; the White race would feel embarrassed and inferior.

The leader presumes this may generate a violent attack and it would be in the interest of the community to live out his contribution as black. This is grossly unfair to humanity and the entire race of mankind. I doubt if the lower animals base their condemnation (if only it exists at all) on racism, how come we claim to be a better one called homo sapiens – I hope scientists will re-evaluate man as a social been. Human racism within Service groups and workplace in my community Service groups majorly constitute the White Americans. The cultural diversity is part and par sues of everyday dealings.

It all began from the employment process. The communities around me often times neglect high level of hospitality to Black workers and extend apathy even in recruitment process. One researcher named, Dean Karlan with Marianne once found among a study conducted in 2003, that the extent of racial discrimination among people in workplaces is demoralizing. They discovered that people whose names where trace to black genealogy were more than fifty percent likely not to be shortlisted for the second phase of interview when they apply for a similar job with the Whites.

This result is one out of the numerous societal biases forming a giant procedural method in application for job where cultural diversity triumph. I supposed securing job should rather be of intellectual competence and acumen instead of racial introduction that may corrupt the seed of greatness towards achieving the employing institution’s mission statement and its objectives. Despite the fact that blacks in this community can barely afford a day hospital bill without insurance, they are mostly faced with the major health hazard at workplace without a corresponding compensation to make up for the risk of life involved.

This could be traced down to the aged fought battle on black slavery. The white society would rather hide under the canopy of existing racial system and enslave fellow mankind. I wonder where the world is heading to at this age long civilization era. If I could be opportune to effect any change in my community, I will gladly revisit this aspect of racial diversity and treat all men equally at workplace. The means of livelihood is a sensitive part of one’s live. That should not be negotiated for any racial operating system in a society with diverse culture.

It should be left undiluted as this would be an eventual benefit to the company if nothing but just excellence is the sole key for employment. The disparity in the salary scale I would balance once an individual can prove his or her worth irrespective of the cultural diversity. Human racism within clubs, local governments, and schools The extension of induction to the minority black in my community for a cooperative cohabitation in a club is not a known issue but a taboo. Blacks rather form one in their own minority shell. Members of the club benefit in no small ways.

They are treated equal and one among themselves. This makes it possible for numerous assistances members’ enjoy at either on an occasion or whenever there arise the need to give moral or/and financial support. The unity covers the shame of fellow individuals in the club. An applicant into the club of different race suffers these whole benefits even though he lives within this people. The psychological trauma is enough to initiate mental disturbance, mania, depression and bipolar syndrome (some psychiatric diseases) owing to a huge sense of delineation and alien among fellow human being.

The presence of cultural diversity among schools at all levels of studies is certain. Students from different homes prefer one school to the others. Privilege to attend is denied by the prevailing racial discrimination. The racial prejudice begins when some school authorities reject applications from people of a particular nationality. At times, the low socioeconomic income of a racialized group of people dictates where to send their children for schooling and not a direct rejection. All tends to same racism resulting from cultural diversity. Other form of racism within exists among the students themselves.

We have heard cases where a student arose on a red morning and began to shoot sporadically into the air. Over thirty six casualties were recorded. This man was a black who felt injured by cumulative experience of racial discrimination. Conclusion The people in leadership position often times play a lip service to this very sensitive issue of unfair racial human interactions as a result of cultural diversity. Concerning leaders in my community, we do quite share the same believe that one must be very careful in an attempt to resolve the ideas of inequality birthed from cultural diversity.

One example is the record of black massacre in South Africa. The killing in this region in a part is due to an overwhelming dominance of Black Africans playing key roles in the economy of the country. I do disagree that there is no way to resolve it permanently. Military enforcement in a way may assist in ensuring adherence to laws pertaining to racial discrimination among societies with diverse culture. There should be gradual introduction of minority interest for the sake of balancing the democracy we practice though with caution to avoid undue attention and popularity.

Government installation should be enforced by the legislature to base campaign in a way to effect eradication of racism in communities. When men of icon in the society openly campaign for racial equality, their loyal supporters would reason with them and change. The impact of media is one of the most essential tools in correcting the society for racial discrimination. Some media publicize the goods of the white and the ugly of the black. Media staff should try playing neutrality and conducting themselves in a professional manner, sharing my idea to contribute in eradicating the obnoxious outcomes resulting from cultural diversity.

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