Promotional Activities sample essay

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Section 1.0 – Introduction

Throughout this assignment, I will be producing a plan of a promotion campaign for an existing business. I have decided to choose Marks and Spencer Plc. I will be looking at how Marks and Spencer use promotional activities and incorporate them into a promotional mix creating a vital choice in the success of the promotion campaign. As well, I will be considering whether promotional activities can affect a business’ final choice of promotional mix.

Marks and Spencer Plc are located all over the UK, with currently 600 stores that range from the large stores to the simply food stores, but their largest store is situated at Marble Arch on London’s Oxford Street. By 1975 Marks and Spencer had opened over 285 international stores. The locations of all Marks and Spencer have nearby bus stops and car parks enabling it to be accessible to its customers, in addition, a large number for the stores have collect by car facilities for customers to pick up their goods at a later time. They currently employ over 75,000 employees in the UK and internationally.

Marks and Spencer was founded by Michael Marks in 1884. He opened a stall at Leeds Kirkgate Market and all the items were sold for a penny. In 1894 Thomas Spencer invested £300 to become Michael’s partner in the company. ­­­

Marks and Spencer have a very user friendly website, that shows their aims and objectives that they want to achieve to be a successful business. It provides links to their promotions and to their online shopping. I will be using this website throughout my coursework. (See appendix A).

They have a lot of competition that is mainly the large supermarket chains Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda who are all wanting customers to come to their stores because they have the products that customers are looking for at the right price for them. They do not specialise for a specific target market as they cater for women, men and children in clothing, however their food lines tend to be the more luxurious, high quality and expensive. Their market share is 10.7% for clothing and footwear (See appendix B) and for food the market share is 3.9%. (See appendix B). Their annual turnover in the UK is £8.16 billion and internationally is £898 million. (See appendix B).

To ensure a business succeeds within the promotional mix, promotion is key in achieving this. I will be looking in depth to see whether Marks and Spencer have achieved this or whether they need more advertisement enabling their customers to become aware of their aims and objectives in finalising the promotion.

Marks and Spencer’s objectives are:
Continue to invest in and grow our core UK retail business, by introducing new goods and services.
Strengthen our UK property portfolio.
Drive our M&S Direct business.
Expand our International business.
Integrate Plan A (our ‘eco plan’) into every aspect of how we do business, so that we grow in a sustainable way.