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This memo is to update you on the progress of our research project for Vegas Vanguard Independent Indoor Percussion Ensemble. Vegas Vanguard is a non-profit organization based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The ensemble provides percussionists ages 14-22 with performance opportunities where other opportunities do not exist in schools and colleges. Vegas Vanguard was founded in 2004 and currently has some corporate sponsors. However, the organization has identified the need for additional fund raising initiatives.


The purpose of our research project is to recommend additional fund raising ideas. Our objectives are to conduct internet research on non-profit fundraising techniques, and interview other non-profit organizations to determine what fundraising techniques have been successful for them.

Work Completed and Results

We conducted interviews with several non-profit organizations in order to determine what fundraising techniques are successful in this area for nonprofit organizations. We asked four questions – 1. Are you non-profit, 2. Is non-profit status an integral part of your fundraising? 3. What are some fundraising techniques that you use? 4. What are some fundraising techniques that you’d recommend for an organization just getting it’s non-profit status? The interviews were conducted by phone by either Marcus or Tom. These interviews were completed between 4/20/2008 and 5/1/2008.

This report focuses on the answers provided by Frank Hutchins at Boy Scouts and Eddy Henderson at Nevada Youth Soccer Organization. Here are the results of each interview:

Boy Scouts (Frank Hutchins)

1) yes

2) not answered

3) Special events (golf tournaments, good scout luncheon, donations, scout expo with booths and ticket sales,

4) Annual product sales (bake sales or popcorn)

Nevada Youth Soccer Organization (Eddy Henderson)

1) yes

2) Not necessarily, basically just encourages people to donate because it’s exempt.

3) not answered

4) Write a letter explaining what the program does, deliver the letter to corporations to get sponsorships.

We determined from these interviews that our client should reiterate to potential donors the tax exempt status and deductibility of any donations. Also, since our client does performances at different locations, they should begin to take advantage of special event fundraisers in cooperation with the locations they perform at. Since Vegas Vanguard already has corporate sponsorship, they should focus on justifying individual donations.

Our research tasks are divided into three parts – primary research, secondary research, and assignments. Primary research consists of interviews with the Director and squad members at Vanguard. The largest part of the primary research includes telephone interviews with other non profit organizations. Our time line for completing all primary research is from 4/11/2008 to 5/9/2008.

The secondary research includes researching internet sites, organization brochures, and several sources of statistics on non-profit fundraising. Our time line for completing the secondary research phase is from 4/11/2008 to 5/9/2008. Tom and me have completed our secondary research as of 5/1/2008. All of these items have been completed, and team members are compiling the information that will go into the completed assignments.

The final phase is completing the related assignments. The time frame is from 4/11/2008 to 5/16/2008. Marcus completed the client proposal as of 4/18/2008 and Rubi completed the letter of transmittal as of 4/25/2008.

Work Remaining

With this and other information, we are completing the assignments remaining. The client proposal and the letter of transmittal have been completed. We are completing the project plan report, final client project report, a power point presentation, an oral presentation, and the project assessment memo.

We have to continue compiling the results from the phone interviews and secondary research. This information will be passed on to Tom so that he can complete the project plan report by 5/2/2008. The information will also go to Rubi who will be completing the final client project report, and the power point presentation, both of which are due by 5/16/2008. Marcus will complete the oral presentation, and I will complete the project assessment memo by 5/16/2008.


At the completion of this project on May 16th, we will have developed a fundraising plan to enhance the existing corporate sponsorships for Vegas Vanguard Independent Indoor Percussion Ensemble. Based on the interviews conducted and our literature and internet reviews, we will provide consistent advice and statistical support.