Procedure Guide to Access Control sample essay

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•Explain the need for designing procedures for simple tasks such as creating or modifying access controls

Access controls is an important part of security in any business setting. This insures the protection of sensitive materials from being access from unauthorized users as well as keeping in-house materials in-house and not distributed to unauthorized personnel. o When setting procedures up for creating or modifying access controls you have to take in account the type of personnel that will be implementing the procedures. You may have to use simplified methods to allow the users easy access to correct, add or delete information. At the same time the procedure need to be complex enough that unauthorized users cannot get in and change information on their own. Proper procedures insure that a system is not compromised or destroyed based on a simple mistake or miss management of access.

•List the steps to satisfy each of the requirements in the assignments instructions:

1.Status or setting prior to change : Start menu, Right click computer, select manage This will allow you to see what is currently in place and also bring you to the place you need to be in order to make any changes

2.Reason For Change: The reason for change could be as simple as a new user needs to be added to a particular group to allow them access to certain information so that they are able to do their job

3.Change to implement: Start, Admin. Tools, Active direct. Users and computers, right click users, add user, follow prompts to add user, right click group, click add users, follow prompts to add user to group

4.Scope of the change: Log out of admin. Log into user , test access of group information and add and change capabilities

5.Impact of change: Impact of change either adds access or denies access but over impact is no change.

6.Status or setting after the change : You back through the same way you access information as the admin and check the information you entered.

7.Process to evaluate the change: Again you can view through admin. Or you can log out and view by going throught the users credentials to check and make sure that access and denies was implemented correctly.