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I hope this finds you all in perfect peace and harmony!! More than that I hope everyone is Ready and Excited about the Tax Season Kick off tomorrow!!!

If you have been given a schedule for the Corporate office, please be ready to report promptly tomorrow Jan 5th at your allotted times! For those Mobile Specialists who have met with Ms. Arnold and myself and cleared to begin taking appointments, please begin tomorrow as well.

Being cleared to begin making appointments is contingent on your graduating from the course and having your In Person meeting with myself and/or Ms. Arnold; absent this clearance you will not be given an username and password to access the Live Software. Do not allow this to stop your money…Get graduated!!!

I look forward to your anticipated cooperation in the coming months as we implement these new procedures. Please reach out to your immediate supervisor with questions as they arise.

In Support,

Ashley Tarver, Operations Manager

Attachment: Procedures for Having and Completing A Successful Tax Season

Procedures for Having and Completing A Successful Tax Season

1. 100 Name’s List is due to Ms. Arnold by Jan 5th

2. Next Sat, Jan. 10th will be our last In-Person Meeting; it is strongly suggested that you attend this training as we will be going through several significant changes in the Live software as well as other pertinent information. You MUST RSVP as this will be a Closed Session for those who DO NOT RSVP. Please bring your computers.

3. For those who plan on doing AOC tax returns, the payout for them will be $50. They will also be placed in a particular EFIN because they cost less than a regular return; I will let you know this information as soon as I find out which EFIN. Keep in mind that these are very easy returns to do and they add up fast!! So putting your efforts into marketing to college students would be wise and a great way to build your clientele and get Referrals!!

4. Compliance: If you are a Mobile Specialist or when you are mobile, your completed tax documents are due into the office ONCE a week; which day you choose is totally up to you (I recommend Friday or Sat), but this is MANDATORY and not being in compliance will delay your pay. Email me which day you choose please as soon as possible.

5. Set daily goals for yourself; this is a great way to stay encouraged and on task! There will be an actual Goal Sheet that you can print daily made available under “Forms” in the Tax School soon.