Planning To Meet Customer Requirements sample essay

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1(a)This assignment is based on organization called the Better business bureau located in North America. The fundamental aim of this organization is to ensure that business men achieve high standards and maintain them. The vision of the organization is an ethical market place where buyers and sellers can trust each other.

The mission of the better bureau is to be the leader in advancing market place trust. The better business bureau is able to accomplish its mission by ensuring that it works in a community of trustworthy businesses since the main aim of the business is to train its members on how to maintain their business ,hence it is easy to motivate business men to be trustworthy to each other.

To accomplish its mission the better business bureau has set standards for market place trust. The main objective of the better business bureau is to setting up good standards in the market that promote trust.

To fulfill its mission the better business bureau encourages and supports best practices. As being a good role model in the market place the better business bureau is main target is encouraging and supporting practices among businessmen.

(b). one of the main objective of the business is celebrating market place role models. As a mentor that is encouraging good business practices the better business bureau acts as a good role model among business men.

Another other main important objective for the better business bureau is denouncing substandard market place behavior. The organization is against bad business behaviors and untrustworthy business men practices.

(c). Denouncing substandard market place behaviors has encouraged the organization to work closely with its members. Through the internet the better business bureau is always in contact with its customers thus encouraging good business behaviors among them.

To ensure that high standards are set and maintained the better business bureau offer affordable education to all its members. The better business bureau also promotes the standards set by its members. To celebrate market place role model has been achieved by the better business bureau because the organization accepts only competent business to its system. Any qualified businesses do not qualify to becoming members of the organization.

2.(a) Stake holders

The better business bureau has got many employees, customers and shareholders. The main stakeholders for the better business bureau are businessmen.

i. Customers:

The main customers for the better business bureau are businessmen. The better business bureau is an international organization for 133 better business bureaus across North America. The better business bureau has got 380, 000 business members that range in size from local enterprises to multinational corporations.

The better business bureau offers many services to its customers, like the better business bureau military line. This is mainly designed to meeting specific consumer needs of military personnel. The organization also has an international students ethic award where scholarships are offered to competent students.

ii. a).Employees: the better business bureau has got many employees. The main ones are accountants, managers, web designers, clerks, and the junior staff.

The accountants are mainly involved in maintaining and ensuring that the better business bureau offers its services to standard, they oversee the day performance of the business. Also the web designers have been working hard in ensuring that the organization is well networked, with it business members by developing and ensuring that updated computer programmes have been designed that meet the requirements of the company.

b) The employees of the better business bureau ensure the smooth running of its operations. For example the web designers ensure that the business is well networked with all its customers globally. The accountants of the better business bureau ensure that its records are well maintained and updated. The accounts also regularly countercheck the performance of the business members of the organization.

The customers of the better business bureau determine its performance. When many businesses join the bureau its performance improves.


The quality of a product is the degree of the production perfection. Every product has to be manufactured to a particular specification regarding dimension, surface finish and hardness. Quality services: means offering of services that meet and fulfill the requirements of the customers.

Quality management:

This is a system that a company lays down in ensuring that it achieves its objectives. Quality management involves procedures and means involved in measuring and maintaining the quality of products or services offered by a company.

c) Quality standards.

The better business bureau has set up quality standards that monitor the daily performance of its duties. The better business bureau has been putting some measures like introducing online services that are set towards improving the quality of services the company offers. To promote the quality of services the company offers it has promoted the public trust in advertising. The better business bureau does its advertisement in order to foster truth and accuracy in national advertising through voluntary self-regulation.

To improve the quality of services the better business bureau offers it the business has been using online services to report its operations.

d) Quality audit.

The better business bureau offers quality services to its customers. The better business bureau meets the needs of its customers by enabling its customers to be using an online reporting and evaluation system. Through the internet customers make their requests to the company and they get the necessary feed back through the internet.

Only competent and trustworthy businesses are member: The better business bureau encourages quality in its services by registering only qualified businesses as its members. The organization does not encourage illegal business practices among its members.

The organization also supports many other good programs. The business offers other community services like scholarships to need students within the community.

4) Information review:

To create a healthy, safe and productive working environment some information are essential. First information about a particular company is crucial. To understand its objectives, mission and vision. After understanding the objectives, mission and vision of the company then its possible to create a conducive working environment.

To create a conducive working environment there should be a well laid down organizational structure for the company. The employees should understand their duties well. A good relationship should also exist between the junior and senior staff.

To create a safe working environment all the employees should understand the necessary safety precautions, they should follow in performing their duties, they should also understand other necessary rules to be followed in performing their duties.

For encouraging a productive working environment employees should be well conversant to their work. They should understand all the procedures of performing a specific task.

b) The guidance that is in our work place that creates a healthy, safe and productive work environment is through regular training of employees. The better business bureau offers regular training to its employees on how to, have a heath work environment by encouraging employees to co-ordinate and network among themselves in ensuring that the required standards of working are achieved at the work place.

The organization promotes a save working environment by encouraging its employees to observe safely measures like how to control emergence situation like fire in case of an emergence.

The company also encourages a productive working environment by training its employees adequately. The better business bureau has trained its employees to be at a better position of offering recommended services to its customers.


The better business bureau trains its business managers on how to encourage many businesses to join the organization. The business managers are taught on how to face business men and how to promote good business practices in their businesses.

For the better business bureau to create a healthy and productive environment among its members it usually monitors on their performance. Only businesses with performance, that is according to the required standards that the better business bureau serves.

Risk analysis:

(i)Political situations:- The political situation of America and other countries can affect the smooth running of the better business bureau. The political situation of countries that have member businesses registered with the better business bureau affect the smooth running of the organization.

(ii)Exchange rates:-Due to high prices of oil and food, the global economy is performing poorly thus affecting the strength of the dollar particularly to poor countries. Thus the better business bureau being an international organization will be greatly affected.

Potential business: -It becomes difficulty for the better business bureau to determine genuine businesses. Since the better business bureau deals only with competent business it becomes difficulty to know the trustworthy once.

iv. Facing competition: the better business bureau faces competition from other international organization. Hence it is likely to lose some of its potential customers.