| Place for a Coffee Shop Essay

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Utah Valley University has only one coffee shop located in the library in L.A Building. There is not a coffee place situated in the food court or nearby. Hence, students, who spend most of the time in the classes area and food court (S.C building), have to walk about half a mile to get to the only coffee shop that is always overloaded with students from the whole campus. It results in students wasting time and distracting from their studies if they want to get some coffee. Therefore, I suggest opening a coffee shop in the food court of the university for students studying in that area to save some time every day.

Feasibility of the Project

The realization of the project requires investment for buying a coffee machine and other equipment ($12,500), cash register ($800), coffee, tea, snacks, plastic cups, spoons, sugar, and other supplies (roughly $700 for the first order), expenses for hiring employees, making a renting deposit, receiving permits and licenses, making insurance deposit, etc. ($7,000), and designing the interior ($3,000). Total expenses for the project would be about $24,000.

Four employees have to be hired including a person to take orders and accept payments, a barista, a manager, and a cleaner. The time expectation for the project development is one month for making a business plan, preparing the building, buying necessary items, and hiring personnel.


Opening a coffee shop in the university will bring a couple of positive outcomes for the students who spend time mostly in the classes area and food court. First, the students will not waste time going to another part of the university complex to get some coffee. Second, it will develop the infrastructure of the campus. Finally, the queues will become shorter and more students will be served coffee much quicker than before.