| Personality Refection Essay

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To begin with, personality can be defined as a consistent patterns and qualities of behavior of an individual just as expressed by physical and mental activities and attitudes. They are in fact distinctive individual traits of an individual as it is considered from a larger point of view. In particular, there are several different features that define the personality of a person. Reflectively concentrating on my own personality, there are several characters that define my personality. As such, there are some of the major personality traits or features that are common to most population of the world (Kaplan & Saccuzzo, 2008).

As a matter of fact, there are issues to do with how a person is ready to integrate in new ideas, concepts and environment. In line with this, there is a personality feature of how a person is dedicated to take the responsibility of whatever he or she commits to do (Engler, 2008). Again in this context, there is the feature of extraversion which describes how comfortable a person is the company of others. Likewise, there is the feature of agreeableness in that a personality can be defined by how much a person may be in a position to get along with others without causing fights or rather becoming contentious.

Another feature that describes the personality of a person is by the way emotionally stable a person may be. From this point of view, my personality can be defined by the features of openness and the fact that I am able to take the responsibility of whatever I commit myself to do. Along with this, I am not emotionally stable as I can easily become irritated. In the same line of thought, I am not usually comfortable in company of others especially when I am new to them. Additionally, I am able to get along with others without causing fights along with contention. However, I may be reserved before getting acquainted with the others. In connection to this, there are several theories that can be used to describe my personality. First, it is the Freud’s theory that associates personality with psychological factors and childhood experience (Kaplan & Saccuzzo, 2008).

In this line, most part of my personality is as a result of my childhood experiences in with the example of irritability of which stems childhood experiences. There is also social learning theory which associates behavior with the immediate social environment. A child may take after the behavior of the father or mother through what he or she sees the parent behave. This is what describes my mood of being happy as I have grown with parents who were always happy. Psychodynamic constructs can be also used to describe my personality as it has been suggested by researchers that personality is attributed to psychological factors (Engler, 2008).

As it regards to the consistency of my personality, irregular reactions have been realized in sometimes. In this context, in some cases my character traits are seemingly maintained in a variety of situations (Kaplan & Saccuzzo, 2008). However, there are times when a complicated situation may make them to change according to the situation presented. Most important point that I seek to know better about my personality is the reason behind my being emotionally unstable even after a long time of examining and trying to correct.

In line with this, a personality test can be made reliable and valid by making use of the right concept or construct that defines the personality (Kaplan & Saccuzzo, 2008). It is practically impossible to test a personality that is basically defined by psychodynamic theory by use of a social learning theory. This cannot give valid and reliable test and therefore, in order for success to be achieved while making these tests, a right concept or construct of personality should be made use of. Altogether, personality is a complex issue that needs one to take into consideration the constructs of his or her personality in order to understand it as whole. Accordingly, personality tests should be done based on the founding concept and theories.