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How to write a good essay introduction

How do you write an introduction paragraph for an essay? How do you start a good essay? These are examples of questions that students ask at the begging of every essay paper. Well, to write an effective introduction is quite challenging.  This is because the paragraph is very crucial in any essay writing. It’s a section that your writing will captivate the reader’s attention. Let’s us look at how you can write an essay introduction that will intrigue the reader.

·       Start off with a hook statement

Often students enquire how do you introduce a topic in an essay. Well, the most effective way to introduce your writing is by starting off with a hook statement.  Have in mind that the first sentence sets the tone for the entire essay. The sentence should not be so long. Instead, it should be short and precise for easy understanding. However, as much as the sentence should be catchy, ensure it is relevant to the topic under discussion.

Avoid clichés, general and common statements. It should just be a bold claim of what the topic or the writing is about. You can use the following suggestions to develop a hook statement.

Ø  A relevant question to the topic.

Ø  A surprising fact about your writing.

Ø  A brief anecdote.

Ø  An applicable quotation.

If you are experiencing difficulties in coming up with a terrific hook statement, you can consult us for essay introduction help and we will offer assistance and provide essay introduction starters.

·       Contextualize your topic

This is the section of essay introduction paragraph that gives your reader some background information of your topic. The information should include facts that you are likely to discuss in details later in the body paragraph. You can use the following ideas to familiarize the reader with your writing depending on the topic at hand.

·       Definitions of uncommon and unfamiliar terms.

·       Social, geographical, or historical context.

·       Summary of recent scholarly research, debates or theories.

However, you should not give details on the evidence and arguments you have. That should be saved to be well illustrated in the body paragraphs. If you need assistance you can consult us for essay introduction help. However, you should be specific according to the type of your essay as you look for help. For instance, you can enquire for personal essay introduction example. This will help our writers offer useful assistance.

·       Establish your purpose by introducing your main statement.

At this point, you narrow your focus and explain the aim of your essay. This is achieved through writing of a thesis statement. It is a sentence that sums up the overall argument. It makes the reader aware of what aspects you will be discussing in your writing. Often the thesis statement establishes a strong position of the essay.

In most cases, the thesis statement is written as the last sentence in the introduction paragraph before you embark writing on the body paragraphs. Therefore, it should serve as a smooth transition between the topic introduction and the arguments displayed in the main body. If you don’t know how to come up with an outstanding thesis statement you can consult us for guidance.

·       Proofread and edit.

Some students write their introduction before proceeding to the body paragraphs, while others write after. If you had written your work earlier, and you had not conducted enough research, your argument may change as you proceed. This is because as you conduct research to come up with the body paragraphs you may discover more facts relevant to your topic.

Therefore, it is very important to go through your introduction once more to make sure it is relevant with your writing. Moreover, proofreading will give you a chance to correct any spelling or grammatical mistakes that you may have made while typing. If you experiencing difficulties in writing you can request us we help on how to write a good introduction paragraph.

Key elements of an introduction

An effective introduction should contain the following:

·       Background information of the topic at hand.

·       A clear thesis statement.

·       An overview of how you are going to approach the essay.

·       Information that should not exceed a single paragraph.

The purpose of the introduction in an essay

Often students who struggle writing an essay introduction, wonder its importance in essay writing. An essay can be compared to a mystery novel. The reader is in suspense wondering what it contains. The introduction gives the reader the glimpse of what to expect.  An effective introduction doesn’t only introduce the topic, but it also triggers the reader to know more. Therefore, they proceed to the next paragraphs. 

A well written introduction paragraph is the key to a quality essay. This will automatically contribute highly in earning good marks. You can consult us for essay introduction help and we will help you develop an effective essay introduction.

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