My Personal Responsibility to Achieve College Success sample essay

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The definition for personal responsibility is to be accountable for the choices, words, and actions that you make. To practice personal responsibility in one’s education I think it is important to complete assignments on-time, study for tests, and actively participate in class. Becoming responsible for your academics is also very important and determines your future education and career. What is the relationship between personal responsibility and college success? Being personally responsible and achieving college success have many similarities.

Even though personal responsibility does not always guarantee college success, they are associated because they share several similarities between them, both require taking charge of your current situations, performing to your best ability, and taking accountability for your mistakes and failures. Taking control of your situation is important and will determine your academic outcome. When you complete assignments on-time you are taking charge of your current situation. I have learned to effectively manage my time so that my assignments can be turned in before the due date.

I also try to perform to my best ability and do whatever it takes to successfully complete assignments on-time no matter how difficult or time consuming they can be. Setting up short term goals allow me to become more accountable for my academics and will help me complete my long term goals as well. Performing to your best ability is imperative to obtaining college success. I always try to be the best that I can be by pushing myself to the limits and forcing myself to do whatever it takes to get the task completed.

Studying for tests allows me to gain the most knowledge as possible and allows me to perform successfully in college. If you don’t try and make excuses for poor performance can lead to an unsuccessful academic experience. Preparing for tests and quizzes is necessary for both your learning experience as well as your grade. Maintaining a high grade point average is one of my academic goals and is something I will constantly be monitoring throughout my academic career. Actively participating in class and being responsible are important to your learning experience and success.

Getting involved in discussions and asking questions are all a part of the learning process and can provide a wealth of knowledge. Asking questions when something is unclear is your responsibility. Everyone should be responsible and accountable for their own mistakes and failures. Being responsible is acknowledging that you are accountable for the choices in your life and that accepting that will determine the direction for your life. You also must have personal accountability. Personal accountability is the act of taking responsibility for your actions in the workplace or other situations.

Rather than directing blame on others, individuals should seek to understand their own contribution towards the situation and how they could make the situation better. In conclusion, without personal responsibility you will not succeed academically. To be successful in life and in college you must be personally responsible for your choices, actions, and behaviors. Being successful means you need to take charge of your current situation, perform to your best ability and be accountable for your own mistakes and failures.

Failing to accept personal responsibility result can result in negative consequences. When you have not accepted personal responsibility, you can run the risk of becoming overly dependent on others for recognition, approval, affirmation and acceptance. To practice personal responsibility in my education, I am working on learning self-management, preparing to learn strategies, and learning how to develop study skills. Being personally responsible is very important in all aspects of life and should always be a main priority.