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In my first writing assignment I’m going to discuss and compare two essays. The two essays are “A View from The Bridge”, and “The Miss Dennis School of Writing”. Both author’s Miller and Steinbach used the descriptive technique. They try to point many interesting parts and qualities so they can capture the reader’s attention. A good way to captures the reader’s attention is that these essays topics relay a complete experience. The authors describe things that we can make a mental image of them. When describe them use general association that we can actually imaging things as if we have them in front.

They also add more personal and specific descriptions of things. For me as a reader capture a lot my attention when referring to general things that I can associated with the topic. Associations like the way how the author’s expressed clearly and well-explained My first reading is a View from The Bridge”, it’s about an Italian family that lives under the Brooklyn Bridge, tells the story of Eddie Carbone, a Brooklyn longshoreman, whose incestuous love for his niece drives him to his own destruction. He has a lovely young niece, Catherine, and a wife Beatrice, a splendid housewife with a heart of gold.

Catherine has just been offered a job as a stenographer at a plumbing company. Eddie, overprotective father figures, is hesitant to let her take it, even though it won’t interfere with her school. Eventually he agrees and gives the OK. We also learn that Beatrice has a couple of cousins who will soon arrive from Sicily, Italy. They’re being getting into the country illegally. They plan to live with the Carbones while working on the docks. After Beatrice’s cousins arrives, Marco and Rodolpho, everybody was happy that they get there in good condition. Marco is a big, masculine kind of guy.

He’s purpose to be in America is to send money back to his family. Marco wants to go back to Sicily after a few years. His younger brother, Rodolpho, is a fun-loving and talkative. He plans to stay in America forever. They rapidly get alone with the family, Rodolpho decides to show off his singing skills, and Catherine is wowed The second essay is “The Miss Dennis School of Writing” is about the author’s 9th grade teacher. She described her teacher as a middle age, short lady with apricot color hair. She said she learned how to do great creative writing because Miss Dennis would make her students describe what they saw on the way to school.

To be on the safe side, they all paid special attention to their surrounding on the way to school. Steinbach really respected Miss Dennis because she was very strict and she had a deep commitment to energizing the writer in every student. Miss Dennis was the only teacher Steinbach felt comfortable talking to about her father’s death. She didn’t even have to tell Miss Dennis she was said; she picked it by her writing. After they talked about Steinbach dad, they always had a connection between each other. Shortly, they realized they liked the same poetry.

Miss Dennis encouraged Steinbach to enter a writing contest; of course, she won A number of literary devices are employed by these two authors’. The first and most obvious literary device of the play is the use of a frame story. They also used monologues. The lessons that these two essays left me is that life can be so unpredictable. It has 2, 3 or maybe more faces. In one story we see how tragic can become the life of a whole family when experiences a situation like this. In the other how we can learn things in life tough by someone who is passionate about a job, when you teach with your soul.