Moral Values sample essay

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Morality is the differentiation of intentions, decisions and actions between the ones that are good and the ones which are bad. The philosophy of morality is ethics. Morality is a synonym of goodness. Laurence Sterne has rightly said “Respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners”. Moral values are important to an individual as it makes one feel peaceful. They give your life a purpose and make it meaningful. Honesty, decency, modesty, kind heartedness, sincerity, forgiveness and gratitude are some of the moral values. It is very easy for a person high in ethics to control his life.

It changes your perspective. You only look at the brighter side of anything. The negative forces do not hold you back any more. It becomes easier for you to strive towards your aim in life. Moralistic approach seems virtuous. It helps you bond with the world far and away. Moral values make you trustworthy and accord you a respectable place amongst the others. World can be easily captivated by you as people count on your fair and sincere approach. Not only to others, moralistic approach assists yourself too. Your integrity will allow you to advance in both personal and professional life.

Being compassionate is like a big virtue. It helps you deal with any misfortune that comes your way. Also you can be a big support to your friends and fellow beings in their difficult times. While I was studying, in my college days, I was more of a notorious child. Never realising the value of time was one main thing which I used to do. I never used to finish my assignments on time, always used to be late for lectures and even bunking the classes at times. I can still recall number of events where I had submitted late work. I never used to study regularly. Always kept on piling up work till the last day of assessment.

A day prior to the exam used to be like hell on earth for me. As I had never prepared for the exam before I usually got low grades in the examinations. My parents always told me to adopt good values but I never listened. My mother always instructed me and even told me the ill results, but as is expected of youngsters I even ignored her. One similar day I went to the college. Walking confidently, showing off myself, typical me. When I reached my classroom what I saw shook my very foundations, it was an exam day. Only because I had never paid attention in the class I didn’t know about it.

I somehow mustered my courage and sat for the exam. I saw everyone engrossed in writing and I was all blank. However the day passed. The worst had yet to come. It wasn’t far and the results were out. As expected I flunked in the subject. I was down with shame and disrespect not just because of failing but because of the extremely low grades. My grades were perhaps the lowest in the entire batch. I could not find any place to hide my face. It is still very difficult for me to put it in words how I faced my friends and family post the result. I went home, low and forlorn.

The only person I could share it with was my mother. I know she was heartbroken, but she held me tight and told me there is never any time in life when you cannot rise up again and correct your improprieties. I hugged her tight. Her warmth gave me the strength to rise up again. From that very moment I resolved to leave behind all the bad habits and move on the right track. I did stick to this and was always moralist in my approach thereafter. It was then I realised how irreverent and impertinent I was and such a human being is incapable of any type of self-abandonment.

He is either a slave of his pride or his egoism which ultimately makes him a prisoner of himself. This is exactly what happened with me. I was blind to values. I never gave things a chance to unfold themselves in their proper character and approached everything in such an importunate way that I only listened to myself and ignored the rest. Now I can proudly say adopting moral values has made me overcome any obstacle that has intervened my way of progress. I ended up my college with outstanding grades not only the result but I also managed to get myself a respectable job.

I joined in a company as a business development executive and was eventually promoted to the post of a business development officer. I always wanted to excel in my professional life. But to achieve higher levels I needed higher education. MBA was my dream. But to adhere it I went through a difficult time phase. I was impatient as time was passing by but at the same time I had to be responsible to the compliance. As recognized by Socrates and Plato, it is better to suffer injustice than to commit it; I stuck to my moral values and didn’t lose patience. My hopes were always high.

I knew I would attain my dream. Now I am in a foreign land, perusing a different course, for which I waited three long years. Things around me have changed. There is one thing that hasn’t and will not change ever – and that is my values. I follow them and they acknowledge me. I have been through quite a lot of experiences in the recent few years. All I can say is moral values are extremely important for your wellbeing. They will always keep your stress levels lower and help you lead a harmonious life. You are able to direct your behaviour towards beneficial and fulfilling activities.

Moral values are the highest amongst all natural values. Positive values are the focus of the world whereas negative values are the greatest evil. Man himself is responsible for all his deeds and actions. Martin Luther King Jr said, “If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover those precious values – that all reality hinges on moral foundations and that all reality has spiritual control”. (Cravvley & Kendall, 2009) In goodness there shines a light which bestows on the good person an intellectual dignity. I feel I am lucky I was born in a family which withholds strong moral values.