Manipal University Letter Of Recommend sample essay

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I am serving as Associate Professor in Department of Computer Science at Manipal University, Jaipur and before that I served for 9 years as a Professor in Department of Information Technology at Poornima College of Engineering. I am glad to hear of his decision to invest in a global academic tenure and am pleased to write this recommendation in support of Nitin’s application for admission to the Graduate Program at your institute. I am well aware of the responsibilities of serving as a recommender and can assure the committee of the authenticity of my statements herein.

I have known him for over 4 years and have come to know him quite closely in my capacity as his professor and project guide. I taught him his related courses: Open Source Technology, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Datamining and Warehousing, Computer Networks and Information Protection and Security. I have also supervised him in laboratory and seminar work. Nitin has shown a great interest in my class from day one and has convinced me of a deep interest in the field of Networking and Security. I have had the opportunity to guide him over the period of one year in his main research interests.

He has been uniquely inquisitive about the Linux Systems deployed in practice and of late has shown great interest in Network and Security Administration. He has given a seminar on Ethical Hacking to his peers and is now a Certified Ethical Hacker. He and his team developed a Software Application named “ Spithra “ through which you can run some windows program like Notepad++, VLC, Counter Strike game, Web Browser in Linux. As the project relies heavily on the use of Linux Essentials, Nitin painstakingly got conversant in its use. He is very regular and punctual in submitting his assignments.

He is systematic and assiduous in his approach. He does not hesitate to seek clarification, which helps him in a clear understanding of the logic and the concepts. In fact some of his questions set me thinking and this helped me to learn in the process. He is an unobtrusive, silent performer and wears his attributes well. He enjoys an excellent reputation and has earned the respect of his teachers and peers alike. He is very articulate and this enables him to interact well and to participate in various activities, including teaching and research.

Nitin proved himself at every point of the program he was pursuing and was definitely an asset to our institution. His pleasant disposition enables him to work productively in teams and convinces me of his ability to groom as a researcher. I think that his zeal for learning and his perseverance as well as his industriousness amply qualify him for graduate studies. In summation I would say Nitin is an appropriate candidate for this program and will contribute energetically to both the cultural and academic environment there.

An opportunity to undertake Master’s Program will definitely enhance the candidate’s profile and open up for him the kind of research platforms that he is ideally suited for. I therefore request a favorable review of his candidature and also financial assistance for him so that he is facilitated in his efforts. I recommend Nitin without any reservations and request the Admission Committee to review his application favorably. Dr. Sumit Srivastava Associate Professor, Deptt. of Computer Science Manipal University, Jaipur sumit. 310879@gmail. com.