Maltese Falcon Comparison sample essay

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Imagine, you knew of an object that looked ordinary, but was really worth thousands, or even millions of dollars? Now imagine that you were one, of a few people in the world who knew what it was worth, -you didn’t know where it was but you knew how you could get your hands on it? In the book the maltese falcon, that is exactly the case. Today I am going to be comparing the novel, the maltese falcon by Dashiell Hamtese, and the song Money by the beatles, as they both strongly focus and put importance on money, also a well-known symbol for greed, which is the main theme of the book and the song.

In the maltese falcon, Greed is characteristic that all the characters in the book share and represent perfectly. Same with the song, money, where greed is present in the lyrics. The lines in the song “now give me money, that’s what I want, That’s what I want, yeah” was repeated throughout the whole song. This is expressed in the Maltese falcon, as this novel starts off with the plot being based around the money, and greed and lasted all the way to the end of the novel. Infact mr spade initially takes his assignment to ? d the maltese falcon because the money is good, and seems to be driven by payment throughout his search for the maltese falcon, and not as much as finding the killer of his partner.

This is shown in the a quote from a conversation Brigid and mr spade were having. “surely your not considering it said brigid. Why not? Five thousand dollars is a lot of money”responded mr spade. And than again he says “ 5 thousand dollars is a lot of money”. Secondly the line of lyrics “You’re lovin’ gives me a thrill, But you’re lovin’ don’t pay my bills” represents everyones relationships and love in the book.

All characters, who were after the maltese falcon were selfish and only cared about the money and what was in it for them. They didn’t care, about one another and if someone got left behind, they would keep on marching on until they found what they wanted. They would do anything for themselves to get there hands on the maltese, even kill, a loved one. In the following quotes, it shows gutman, a character in search for the maltese falcon for secenteen years, give up his -son-like , as a fall-man to mr spade in exchange for the falcon. well wilmer, im sorry indeed to lose you, and I want you to know that I couldn’t be founder of you if you were my own son-but gad! -if I lose you a son its possible to get another and theres only one maltese falcon. ”

Finally, my last comparison are the lyrics at the beginning of the song “ the best things in life are free But you can keep them for the birds and bees, Now give me money”, what the lyrics mean is that I know that the good things are life are free, but I don’t need those , give that to someone else, all I need is money, to make me happy, so give it to me money. hroughout the book, all the characters wanted was to find the maltes falcon, and they didn’t care about anything or anyone else. they all had there mind set on one thing only, the falcon. They were willing to giver up everything, close relationships, housing, and their life in order for the riches. This is shown whenever they heard mr spade mention he knew where the maltese falcon was, thier eyes would light up and get overly excited. In summary, the maltese falcon and the song money, are similar due to having the same theme based around greed caused by the money.