Logical Processor and Reactive Stimulator Essay

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Logical Processor and Reactive Stimulator

When I took the test I came out with Logical Processor and Reactive Simulator. Both of my styles were even so not one outweighed the other. I had to laugh when I actually completed the test. It all comes in hand with my current additional duties at work. I am a union steward and when it comes to this job I initially use Reactive Simulator. When I first get a grievance, my initial reaction is to get to the meeting immediately so that I can hurry up and fry the other individual because I need immediate results. Well it doesn’t work like that.

I have 15 days from the time that I receive my case to get all of my facts together; do research within the contract laws to see which ones were violated. It really helps when I have a griever that has a good case they could win. As a steward I have to fight for the griever whether or not they are correct. Sometimes being a Reactive simulator causes me to get into confrontations. I immediately react to different situations, always on the defense. With this style it causes me to not hear other individual’s side of the story, because in my eyes if you are wrong than that’s how I am going keep the situation until I am proven otherwise.

My communication is a little misunderstood by my co-workers. I am not a really compassionate person so I don’t take personal issues into consideration. I can sometimes come off harsh, but I really think that I am misunderstood by others. My Logical Processor can also balance me out. When I have a task or a major project, I will do my research on it. I am not going to say that I am a know-it-all, but if I have to prove something to my supervisor, I will go to the regulations and prove her wrong, not intentionally.

If it takes me all day to find the answer to an issue, than I will use the whole day, as long as I am correct. I am a individual that hates change and if I can keep something the same by proving that they are doing something illegal, then so be it. Both the Logical Processor and the Reactive Simulator makes my Strategic pattern a performer. One of those attributes is that I want results to be quickly achieved. The results have to have a good outcome with it. I like to get the job done, I do not like to take the shortcut, nor do I like the think out of the box approach!