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I used to work at a fine dinning restaurant, the restaurant manager there was very good. He has very strong knowledge about how to manage people. He never being aggressive or uses any inappropriate language. He never asks someone to do the job that he doesn’t know how to do. He shows people how to get the job done efficiently. No matter what kind of issues or problems that staff have, he always is willing to help. He gains respect from people not only about his position but also his knowledge, skill as well as his personality. Also he has a strong knowledge about all the wines and the food that we were serving. He made the perfect matching wine list for the menu that impresses everyone who worked or ate there. People enjoy working with him, as he give his knowledge to everyone, as a model to teach people a better way to do things and improve the way we usually do. His encouragements made our target easier to achieve. We worked like a family, people took care of each others.

I used to work at a Thai restaurant, the mission statement was to bring the authentic Thai cuisine to life and let people enjoy. In order to achieve this mission statement, we need to cook as authentic Thai food as possible as well as let the guests to enjoy the cuisine that we bring overseas. I think the statement is effective for the company. Cuisine changes as it moves overseas. People travel overseas and know how the authentic local cuisine is. They cannot find it in Melbourne because cuisine shifts then the flavour changes. Imagine if there is only one restaurant can keep the real authentic taste that would be the selling point. That’s what this business wanted and they succussed. They do actually follow the statement. They hire the chefs from Thai to train and monitor other chefs, follow all the steps to make dishes in Thai way, import all the necessary ingredients only from Thai, keep in touch with the authentic Thai cuisine, and always ask well known Thai chefs to taste the food.

I will discuss this change in both formal and informal communication ways,
such as via email, staff notice board, through meeting, and face to face to talk about this change. The email and the notice board are just the tools that I want staff to know there is a change to be happening in 6 weeks. Let them to discuss themselves first, get themselves well prepare for the change, and also to establish some issues to discuss in the incoming meeting, like new color against the religion, discrimination, etc. The meeting process is to formally hand out the change and receive the feedback from staffs. It may require a bit editing or more work on to suit everyone. Last for the individual problem, I will have to discuss the problem in person and try to get a best outcome.

I want to delegate the job of making sauce A to Jahn, as he is the new apprentice of the job. As well as sauce A is the dairy big job for this section. In 2 weeks time, Jahn should be able to make the sauce A without any supervision and within a very short period of time. But meanwhile, I need to guide through him all the information that he needs to make sauce A. Demonstration is necessary. When he is making sauce A, I will have to supervisor the whole process, just to make sure he follows correct procedures ensure he is able to make it by himself. Sauce A is a very complex job for anyone, therefore 2 weeks training is required. After 2weeks time, people should be able to make it without supervision. We can delegate the task but not the responsibility, therefore I still need to check the correct seasoning for sauce A from Jahn’s work, also the actual time he spends on making it. If I am not at work, then other chefs will supervisor his work as well, just to make sure he keeps his work consistence.

Coaching is more than just pure training and it involves more of personal relationship over time and in many ways it is like mentoring. It makes better environment for the organisation from management to the workers together to build a better workplace in order to achieve a better result. As a chef de cuisine, I would evaluate each individual’s skill and put them in the right place, such as put someone on web design or programming if he/she is good at doing computer. Then consider the current situation to establish a plan for coaching. Well explain to members about the plan, make sure they understand and make changes for any better leads. I will also demonstrate the task to members. I need to show members that I can complete the task better not just I can’t do it therefore I have to hand out for you guys. When there is a specific skill require for the cut, I will show them how to do it, and I am willing to help to teach them and develop their individual skill level. Teach them what is the best way to do things right here. To help them to multi-tasking from my past experience.I think I will be using ‘democratic’ and ‘Laissez-Faire’ style to coach people, they are more guider and helper kind of coaching style instead of being boss to ask around. As a learner, people is willing to learn from others especially from the one who is easy to talk to, image if your teacher is very grumpy, would you ask him/her any questions? I will ask open questions rather than close questions. It is also a good way to get the feedback from people according to their answers.

The recognition and promotion are my motivation at the moment. As I just started a new chef job at a different restaurant, everything starts from fresh, humbly gaining knowledge from co-workers. I need to fit in the new working environment is the priority. Within a month period, the recognition from headchef or other chef is my motivation, learning new knowledge everyday at the same time improve myself. I can see myself is improving a better understanding of the food that I make, developing the better skill that as a chef should have, etc. Those factors create satisfaction for myself in order to achieve better position to the job as well as lead co-workers feel is good to have me on board. According to Herzberg’s motivation-Hygiene theory, they are leading to satisfaction. My motivation has changed over the past few years. When I first came to this country, I just needed a job to feed myself, therefore my motivation at that time was just money, and I didn’t care about the quality of work environment or the skill that I could improve. Then I moved to another restaurant, also I had a fair amount of money to start with, so at that time a better working environment, better pay, better standard was my motivation.

It is more like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, different stage has vary needs, as well as the motivations. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can also explain why younger people have different motivational goals than older people. At different age group, people are tend to have very needs, those needs result different motivational goals. For example, at age 3 you may do what it takes to satisfy your parents in order to get a lollypop. But you wouldn’t do the same when you are 20. Because the lollypop wouldn’t be your motivational goal at all after you already had hundred of them.Assignment activity 7 Trust-Trust employees, headchef give new staff the opportunity to run the section him/herself. Fully delegate responsibilities to new staff without micromanaging the outcome.

They feel being trusted, they will work well in a soften environment. If you always doubt the ability of employee, then they are not happy, how could they work for you. Support- Do not hide the information, give employees the information they need to get the job done. Management should make itself open for the talk regards to the employee manner or dairy issues. As well as welling to help employees to solve the problems that they are facing. Employees feel loved, then they can provide a better outcome to work for you. Facilitation- Provide a happy environment for employees to work with in order to maximize the outcome.

No, I don’t think so. One of the previous restaurant that I worked, it doesn’t have a well communication system. When we say communication, it means two ways, the message from the sender to the receiver, then the feedback from the receiver back to the sender. At that place we have staff notice board and staff communication board. But they are only use to post from the top management only. No staff feedback is needed. It doesn’t work as it is only a one way communication tool, it is really hard for management to know if staff understand or award of the new ideas and so on. Within hospitality industry, two ways communication is important, well understand the message and the feedback is essential as they can improve the quality of work or service. Therefore, they should provide the feedback form for staff to fill up, management should really go down and understand what staffs really want. Email out the ideas then get the reply direct from staff may be a good way to start with.

The manager at the last place that I used to work, I reckon he uses both paternalistic and democratic management styles. He understands each one of
workers within the company and he talks to each one of them like family, therefore everyone calls him ‘brother’. As a ‘brother’, he takes care of each of us and releases the pressure from both workers’ family and work. He listens to people, and talks to people very gently, never use any offensive language. When there are some decisions need to be made, he always listens to all the workers’ need and try to minimize the issues would cause. Those styles were effective for him.

He is happy to delegate tasks to colleagues, gaining more power by earning people’s respect. I personal believe he is a good manager as after he took over the place, the revenue was increase and less staff turnover, everyone works together like in a family.