Jaffna Tourism sample essay

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1. Executive Summary

There is a huge vacant area in all over the world to enhance the Tourism. Almost all the countries are developing their Tourism industry in their country. Sri Lanka is such one of them becoming more popular in the Asian Country. So it’s a good opportunity to Investors to come and invest their Income to earn high profit. This Assignment all about Tourism of Sri Lanka, Where a foreign company going to operate their Business with clear understanding of the present scenario of the country So as a Local partner I have prepared an important report to join hands with foreign company and enhance the tourism in Sri Lanka

2. Introduction

A Canadian based Tourism industry is coming to Sri Lanka and to operate their Tourism industry in Pasikuda region. So as a local partner I have proposed some important focal areas of Pasikuda region with clear justifications These short and clear proposals that every one can understand and come to know a bout Sri Lanka and its Tourisms

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country which is located in the Indian Ocean and the subcontinent in South Asia. Sri Lanka is a strategic place for trade because of its location and the major sea routes. Sri Lanka has been called The Pearl of the Indian Ocean because of its unique features and attractive natural places around the country. The capital city of Sri Lanka is Sri Jayawardenapura-Kotte which has high population and busy crowded people. Sri Lanka is encapsulated with varieties of cultures, languages and religions. The Sinhalese people occupy the majority of the population; Tamils and Muslims are with smaller quantity where as it include Moors, Burghers and Malays. The country is famous for the production tea, coffee, gemstones, rubber and cinnamon.

The island contains tropical forests, wonderful Land scape. The country claims a long history over 2500 years. The country is a founding member state of SAARC; Sri Lanka was one of the fastest growing economies of the world.

3. Tourism in Sri Lanka

Tourism is one of the famous major industries playing a vital role for the development of Sri Lankan economy recently. It attracts many foreigners because of its unique features and undisturbed rain forests. Sri Lanka is portrayed as a play ground for European people for its cheapest prices and fine historical areas.

After end of the civil war we can see the development of tourism recently. However after the end of the conflict in 2009 the country’s tourism looks better and increasing dramatically. In 2010 after the war Sri Lanka had a growth of 46% in Tourism arrivals. From 2009 to 2011 the Tourism arrivals got doubled with the arrivals of reaching 855,975 as at end of 2011.Government of Sri Lanka taking a head to improve the Tourism in Sri Lanka by investing large amount of money all over the Island.

The finest times to visit Sri Lanka are between the main rainy seasons, because the island is just north of the equator also good place to visit in hot seasons. Temperatures remain almost constant throughout the year, but rainfall varies widely. The Hill Country is cooler throughout the year than the other part of Sri Lanka. The country appointed educated and English speaking people to guide the tourist and enjoy the holiday throughout.

According to the Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authorities information the country has over 1400 registered hotel rooms and majority occupied in Colombo. The hotels are classified in five star categories ranging from 1 to 5 stars currently. Sri Lanka has consisted hotels called John keels, Aitken Spence and Jetwing hotels where as some international brands such as Taj and Aman are also present in the country. There are many other international hotels waiting to emerge inside the country such as Movenpick etc…they will enter either under management contracts or joint venture.

Sri Lanka concentrating high in building five stars rated hotels to increase the tourist visits. Most of the hotels are owned by individual proprietors also there are many to come with 5 stars hotels.

Following exhibit tourist arrivals from 2007 to 2010

2007 494,008 2008 438,475 2009 447,890 2010 654,476 2011 853,975

So we can clearly see the improvement of tourism all over the Island and also there are many empty spaces that can be filled by investors pointing out those focal areas can come out with dynamic planning to increase the sales turn over.

Pasikuda and its Tourism

Pasikuda Pasikuda is famous for its beautiful beaches and which is loved by every one with its wonderful lands scape, which is situated on the east coast of Sri Lanka, 300 Kilometers from Colombo. It is in the process of developing a leading tourist destination in Sri Lanka. The visitor’s main attraction Are long and wide sunny beach, Blue Sea with golden sand are some of them in this region. Pasikuda is known to have one of the longest shallow coastlines in the world, because the water is not more only a few inches deep so people can walk many kilometers into the sea without any fear and can enjoy.

The closest major town is Batticaloa which is about 20-30 minutes ride in a vehicle. There are limited hotels in the Pasikuda area is the major reasons why tourism is not taking off. Some of the lands are bought by some hotel groups so in the future we are bound to see an increase in hotels.

This region getting developed by building access roads, electricity and water supply getting renovated at a rapid pace, In addition to this, a super market, an art gallery, a theatre and a golf course are expected to be constructed.

The government has allocated 156 acres of land in Pasikuda tourism zone, with 14 hotels to come up with approved the total investment is around Rs 5703 million. The first hotel contains 40-rooms named called ‘Maalu Maalu’. Once all the hotels are completed, 930 rooms would be available for occupation.

Foreigners and the local made this place as an ideal place for sun bathe, sea bathe and a leisure play ground for boat trips, water skiers. Pasikuda don’t have much luxury hotels you have to do with small hotels, some foreigners expecting that in the near future there will be some luxury hotels in this region.

So this is the right time to build and develop the tourism in this region with the help of government, because the government expecting to increase the tourism in this region for this they are giving tax concession and other facilities.