It is healthy to desire Essay

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It is healthy to desire

In order to get almost any earthly thing on your own, you must first deserve it before it is healthy to desire it. You deserve something – in the only sense that ultimately satisfies – only when you work for it. At that point it is healthier to desire it. Better to be unattached to the things of this world until they are manifest, lest they confuse the ultimate objective: to act and behave in such a way that we are worthy of our heartfelt desires. This quotation is particularly applicable with regard to the apparent secret to happiness: love. Most earthly love is conditional, we must deserve it in some way before receiving it. If you put yourself in a position to deserve it, you are more likely to receive it, so desiring it becomes rational, rather than wishful thinking.

The most common saying is “First deserve then desire”. This is best for the people who have clear goals in life. So, they define their goals, work hard yo achieve it and finally get it. It gives real feeling of accomplishment, feeling of really owning your life i.e. you are what you wanted to be.

Then there is other category of people also who are not so sure of their goals. They are bit confused, so they try to get what seems best at the present moment (do not try that hard to get it and do not know about its contribution to their final goal). Sometimes they also get the reward with their little efforts. But their isn’t any free lunch, so then they have to prove themselves to be worthy of it. It is tougher now then proving before getting reward. Since now they have to compete with the people belong to first category, who have already proven them and habitual of hard work. So there are two main hurdles – 1) Overcoming starting inertia. 2) Extra pressure due to increased expectations (including our own expectations). Sometimes these lead to extreme depression also which is less likely in first category. But if you can prove now, you would get the feeling of being worthy, get inspiration…