| Intervention in Iraq Essay

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In 2003, US attacked in accordance with the United Nations Security Council in its efforts to make Iraq observe the Resolution 687. The US president stated that the attack on Sadaam’s regime could help overthrow him, since he was a ruthless ruler and never took note of the importance of human rights. Iraq became the US main enemy and the threat that needed to be controled. Nuclear weapons were what the US government did not want an enemy country to possess. President tried to prove the intervention as being inclined towards the protection of human rights, which could be possible through the destruction of the nuclear weapons under Iraq control. (Fawn & Hinnebusch, 2006). The US still had other considerations since it did not want to walk out of the war desperately. The US displayed three main interests on the scheme. These include security interests, economic interests and administrative interests. The USA wanted to enjoy all the interests secretly to avoid criticisms.

Considering the security interests, notably, USA is a superpower and always of military supremacy. The mention of the Iraq possessing the nuclear weapons came as a threat to its military supremacy. This is the reason why USA always stayed at the forefront in the UN Security Council when the rules for disarmament of Iraq were being set. Every resistance from Iraq appeared, as an opportunity for the US to strike. US had to act quickly to avoid any humiliation by this nation. Secondly, the US had economic interests on Iraq. Just ask yourself, why the US was not interested in the African countries like Rwanda and Somalia? US only appeared for a short period then withdrew. In Haiti US only appeared for a short period and the army might have been said to be of no help. In Sudan, Darfur region, US had signs of intervening earlier than the UN but shifted the interests to Iraq. This left Sudan unattended. Compared to the Arab countries, African countries could not cover up for the cost of war or bring in profit. Iraq possesses oil and this was what the US government wanted to benefit from and manipulate the production. The USA’s third objective was to change the Iraq’s political system of governance and transform it into a democratic system. Through democratization of Iraq, the US hopes and objectives were to spread the political systems to other Arab countries, primarily Syria and Iran.

President Bush and Ambassador Negroponte had a plan before they embarked on the war. The whole process came as a challenge to the UN Security Council. The UN viewed the intervention as a violation of its laws against the use of force in intervention. The UN views the intervention as an attempt to challenge its laws. The US claim of targeting to intervene against mass killing in Iraq relies on the exaggerated and manipulated information that ended up deceiving world. The truth is that the killings were not too serious to deserve any military intervention and the country could address it internally. Military intervention is highly discouraged due to the atrocities and trail of destruction that is normally left behind after the war. This means that president Bush was concerned with the interests of his nation and tried to achieve them by sacrificing human rights of enemy states citizens. The USA still never presented the nuclear weapons they had been claiming to search after the war. This implies that the war was questionable and the US still owes the UN an apology for violating the law. The UN still feels that the US had taken advantage of its position in the UN to exercise impunity.

The US was able to achieve its results in Iraq, staging military controls all over Iraq. The US military strength surprisingly dwindled. The occupation of the Iraq acted as a limit to the interests of the US to adopt another intervention. Currently, it has rumoured that Iran has become the leading country in the nuclear production. Unluckily for the US, it has to helplessly stand, watch, and sometimes make some fruitless threats to the country. The fact remains that it cannot attack Iran, since all the soldiers are stuck in Iraq, not forgetting about Afghanistan. The military intervention of the US is not expected to occur in the Middle East countries and Africa for a number of years since the policymakers and the public are unwilling to support the attempts.

The political writers initially supported the military intervention of the US but later came to condemn it after the Afghanistan and Iraq war. Due to criticism from the political writers on the administration of the US, the US government has no point of staging another attack. The political writers understand that human wellness is the objective of the country but still fails to support any other intervention. They are only interested with Iran but not Darfur. The human rights advocates were also held accountable for the military intervention in Iraq after supporting US efforts. The human right advocates played a role in legitimizing the attack. The human rights advocates also played a role in confusing groups in Iraq. This ensured that the US did not get any resistance upon attacking Iraq.

The Iraq war can be termed as a waste of resources and unnecessary cause of harm to the innocent civilians. The US did not present an exhibit of the nuclear weapons it had been claiming to target. Still worse, after the collapse of the Ba’ath regime, terrorism has taken another shape throughout the country. This was a terrorist group that was establishing very fast across Iraq. It mainly targeted the US and British soldiers in Iraq. The US still tries to prove that it is in the process of overcoming terrorism. The US should accept its own mistakes and take responsibility for the post war rise of transnational terrorism. Notably, information about the connection between Sadaam Hussein and international terrorism was not exposed. The the terrorism spreading during the US reign simply meant that Sadaam’s reign could have done better than they could.

It is clear that US failed to observe the laws of the UN, a body that has a stronger mandate to authorize any country intervention on the other. It is also clear that US violated the Security Council’s laws and took the war as a chance to humiliate its colleague country, change their system of governance, which was against their wish and control their economy. The countries should form a stronger body or strengthen the UN power. This will make it hard for the big five countries to attack others without proper reason. Countries violating the process of carrying out illegal military intervention should be penalized irrespective of their powers.