Individual Summary of Team Discussion sample essay

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The team assignment for week two was to first discuss the week’s objectives with our team members. The objectives for week two were to explain how a job analysis is used to create a job description and to explain the functions of a job description. A job analysis is an in-depth study of various collected information about the specific duties, key responsibilities, skills needed, essential competencies, outcomes and work environment of a job. With analyzing you see the bigger picture in order to break down components of it to determine every aspect that needs to be explored and addressed.

The main function of a job analysis is to ultimately maximize the potential of employees. A job analysis is very helpful when creating a job description as it acts as a blueprint to be used to define roles and applicable duties. A job description is a written statement that outlines the necessary skills, training and education needed, time restraints, appropriate compensation for labor, duties, and responsibilities associated with a position within the organization. Job descriptions help the employee understand their jobs by clarifying aspects of performance. Once a job description is prepared, it can serve as a basis for hiring.

A job description is a very useful tool to use within the human resource department with hiring as it allows the candidate to be measured based on talent and experience to place the most qualified candidate into the position. Job descriptions serve as a basis for orientating a new employee and helps identify any training that may be needed. When it is time for a performance review a job description helps measure the performance of the employee. This in turn helps with creating any improvement plans that may be needed for the employee or with the process of promotion.

When companies terminate employment it is used as a comparison tool to argue fair labor practices. The second aspect of the team assignment for the week was to discuss any topics we feel comfortable with, any topics we struggled with, and how the weekly topics relate to application in our field. We did not discuss within our team anything we had an issue with, however, the group discussion was very helpful for me as it summarized the discussion questions. The key thing I learned in regards to a job analysis was that it is an ongoing process and doesn’t just occur when you are initially creating a job description.

Using different methods to analyze is very important such as interviews, critical incidents, structured questionnaires, performance evaluations, and simple observation by management. As an organization grows the needs, tasks, and expectations within the organization may differ. “In the past, such job definitions often tended to be quite narrow in scope. Today, however, some organizations are beginning to develop behavioral job descriptions. They tend to be more stable, even as technologies and customer needs change.

For example, instead of focusing on communication skills, such as writing, speaking, and making presentations, behavioral job descriptions incorporate broader behavioral statements, such as “actively listens, builds trust, and adapts his or her style and tactics to fit the audience. ” These behaviors will not change, even as the means of executing them evolve with technology. Instead of being responsible for simple procedures and predictable tasks, workers are now expected to draw inferences and render diagnoses, judgments, and decisions, often under severe time constraints” (Cascio, 2010, Chapter 5, Managing human resources).

The weekly topics we discussed have allowed me to understand the importance of job descriptions and the process of analyzing. Every department and each position has a purpose within our organization and job descriptions create organization and a functioning work environment that aids to the performance of our organization. Many factors may come into place for a business that provides uncertainty and it’s very difficult to be efficient in an uncertain environment. My developing plans that have a meaningful impact on future operations you are putting your business in the best possible situation for longevity within your field.