Individual Assignment on Research Methodology sample essay

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The problem that the article covers is obesity. According to Reynolds, obesity involves an inbalance of the caloric intake to energy expenditure, meaning that more calories are consumed than are burned, which causes weight gain. But obesity is more than a simple equation of weight and height; it’s also a complex health issue involving genetics, hormones, culture and environment (Reynolds, 2011). Obesity has been a huge problem for lots of individuals. The discussion of obesity has been studied for a while. Individuals have been trying to find new ways to decrease or eliminate obesity. In the article, recommendations, solutions, treatment methods, and causes are presented to help decrease the percentages of obesity around the world.

Study Purpose

The purpose of the study is to inform and persuade the reader. It seems as though the author and researchers set out to make everyone aware of the risks associated with obesity and present them with ways of getting healthier. Researchers want individuals to get healthier. They have saved a lot of lives by raising awareness. While reading the article, I was informed on many things I did not know about obesity. It has motivated me to become healthier and guide my children down a healthy lifestyle. The main goal of the article is to draw attention to obesity and try to motivate individuals to make successful changes to their diet or exercise.


There isn’t really a direct hypothesis stated in this article. The author and researchers only include facts and statistics throughout each paragraph.

Study Variables

Throughout the article, people are the study variables. The body mass index of individuals is depended upon how much they are active and what they eat. The body mass index is calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by the square of height in meters. A normal BMI range is 18.5 to 24.9, overweight is 25.0 to 29.9, obese is 30.0 to 39.9 and morbidly obese is less than or equal to 40 (Reynolds, 2011). The healthier an individual becomes, the lesser their body mass index becomes. Body mass index should be identified every once in a while, for health purposes.

Conceptual Model

The conceptual models used in the article are medical images. One example of the medical images related to obesity is ultrasound. Images of ultrasounds are provided to identify how obesity can affect them. Ultrasound is the most impacted by obesity. In heavy individuals, experts recommend that the lowest possible frequency probe (2 MHz) be used because ultrasound energy is most attenuated by fat at high frequencies (Reynolds, 2011). Another example used in the article is a sonogram, which is also affected by obesity. Sonograms can be affected during the care of pregnant women because of obesity. Image quality is affected if the mother has a high body mass index, located within the 90th percentile. Many medical images and screenings are provided in the article.

Review of Related Literature

Many people have had concerns about obesity. Some believe it’s hereditary, while others mainly believe it’s due to lack of exercise and bad eating habits. The truth is that obesity is based on the calorie intake and amount of activity. However, obesity can also be hereditary. Genetic factors can affect appetite, the rate at which you burn energy (metabolic rate) and how the body stores fat (Henderson, 2011). The related literature consists of information on obesity prevention, various obesity statistics, and the measurements of body composition in overweight individuals. All provide helpful tips for the readers and should be applied to daily life.

Study Design

Qualitative and quantitative researches are both used in the article. It focuses on the percentages of obese individuals, body mass index, gastric surgeries, etc. However, it also focuses on the quality of information. The author goes into the reasons for obesity and how it can be prevented around the world. Both approaches are useful and have made the article more informative. The subjects used in the article are mainly children and women, who are located in different areas around the world but the information has been gathered from all types of individuals, no matter the age, ethnicity, or gender. The duration isn’t identified.

Obesity is an issue that needs to be effectively approached. There are several programs and services, used to help obese individuals get back on the right track. Some of the health problems associated with obesity is diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, respiratory problems, osteoarthritis, and cancer. It’s fantastic that articles are being printed, discussing issues related to obesity. Schools have also taken steps to decrease childhood obesity by adding healthy vending machines and lunches. The healthier people become, the better their lives will be.