Immortelle Eye Balm sample essay

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The anti-aging product which has been analyzed in this assignment is the Immortelle Eye Balm. The manufacturers of this balm claim that regular use of this balm prevents and cures dark circles around the eye thus causing anti-ageing effects. What is ageing and what causes dark circles around the eyes? Accumulation of changes in the body over a period of time is known as ageing. Every human being goes through this process. While it is not possible to decrease the age of any individual, it is indeed possible to decrease the noticeable effects of aging.

The most visible effects of aging are first seen around the eyes (Mayoclinic, 2008). This is because the skin in these areas is the thinnest in the body and there are many blood vessels below the skin which can be easily seen when they get dilated during exhaustion. Thus dark circles appear easily in a tired person. To some extent, the muscles of the upper and lower eyelids hold the fat pads in place and this is known as toning. Ageing causes loss of elasticity of these muscles and also the skin thus causing sagging around the eyes (BNET, 2005). This is called loss of tonicity.

By preventing or curing dark circles around the eyes, it is possible to make an individual look younger. Dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes can be prevented by increasing the tonicity of the upper and lower eyelids. This can be done by increasing micro blood circulation to the skin and muscles around the eyes and by preventing radical actions of various toxic by-products of metabolism. This cream is expected to produce anti-ageing effects in terms of reducing dark circles, puffiness, and also signs of tiredness around the eyes by means of soothening, moisturizing, nourishing and toning of the delicate skin around the eyes.

These effects are due to the main components of the balm namely, Everlasting, Hundred petalled rose, Ivy, Soft Wheat and Tocopherol. Everlasting is nothing but Helichrysum italicum, a Mediterranean aromatic plant. Oil from this flower is said to combat skin ageing naturally due to antiradical properties. The cellular membranes are protected due to antradical action, thus preventing aging. Also, firmness of the skin is enhanced by stimulating collagen production.

The oil also increases cutaneous microcirculation, thus boosting cell renewal (Loccitane en Provence, 2009).. Oil obtained from Hundred petalled rose or Rosa centifolia has a sweet and flowery perfume. It causes anti-aging effects by softening and purifying the skin and also causing toning. The oil also has astringent properties. The floral water extracted from the flower produces comfort and a sensation of freshness (Loccitane en Provence, 2009). Ivy or Hedera helix has many medical properties.

Extracts from this plant have regenerating and vasoconstricting properties which improve microcirculation and thus help in combating under-eye dark circles and puffiness (Loccitane en Provence, 2009). Oil derived from the germ of Soft Wheat or Triticum vulgare is very norishing in nature. The oil also has regenerative properties (Loccitane en Provence, 2009). The peripheral layer of the grain, also known as aleurone is a rich source of minerals and Vitamin-B and hence this part of the grain is used to strengthen the epidermis.

Another important ingredient of the product is Vitamin E which is an important antioxidant. By virtue of this property, the vitamin prevents the damage caused by certain byproducts of the body (Obikoya, 2009). By virtue of these properties, Immortelle Eye Balm is an effective anti-ageing product. References BNET Health Publications (2005). Diminish dark circles: what causes those persistent under-eye shadows—and simple tips on how to minimize them. Retrieved on 11th April, 2009 from http://findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_m0846/is_7_24/ai_n13606392/

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