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* 1. How does the author define “cell yell” (paragraph 2)? What changes in society since the 1950s does the author suggest account for the way people use cell phones today?

-The author defines “cell yell” as a bad behavior from a human talking on the phone too loud, in a way that is including stranger into his private conversation.

In the 1950’s, people were used to have their conversations inside an enclosed phone booth where no one could hear their conversation. These phone booths where at public places. Nowadays people don’t care about having privacy when they are talking on the phone.

* 2. How does mobile phone design contribute to bad cell phone manners?
-Mobile design tend to make us feel that the other person on the phone can’t hear us clearly or vise versa because of the phone’s size and how close the mouthpiece is to our mouth. What part does the cell phone user’s sense of self-importance play?

-I believe that the part that cell phone user’s sense of self-importance play is for the other person to who we are talking to can listen to us clearly.

* 3. Eavesdroppers on cell phone conversations experience various reactions, both positive and negative. According to the author, what are some of these reactions and how do people listening against their will handle their strong feelings?

-Some people still talk on the phone privately, others don’t. Some people use text messages to express their feeling and not having to listen to the person’s disappointed voice. Some people prefer to receive a bad new via text message.

* 4. Based on the author’s examples, what are the rude cell behaviors that bother people the most? What behaviors bother you the most? You might wish to share with the class a humorous or outrageous illustration of bad cell manners that you have encountered.

-The rude behavior that bothers people the most is when people are talking too loud. The behavior that bothers me the most is when I’m chating with someone and that person is using his phone instead of putting it away to bond with me. I honestly hate when people do that.

* 1. Write an essay in which you argue for or against having a “designated outcast zone” for cell talkers in restaurants, theaters, or other places—the way many establishments now isolate smokers. Develop your thesis with two or three clear supporting points.

-People that talk on the phone on quite places. People that text instead of paying attention to what really matters.

* 2. Is the rudeness of cell phone users just a symptom of a society that has become less considerate and more self-centered? With a group of classmates, brainstorm other possible “symptoms” of this trend. Some ideas might include rude clerks and customers, aggressive drivers, or the dying art of thank-you notes. Then select one of these and write an essay in which you suggest ways to reverse the trend.

-Yes I believe it is. Aggressive drivers. People nowadays don’t care about other people anymore. For example in Miami, at least one or two hit-and-run happens every week. People scream from car to car. People shot other people for beeping.

3. E-mail and texting are just two other technologies that some people use inconsiderately or even abusively. For instance, some people forward jokes many times a day, and others text during meetings or dates. Write an essay in which you suggest rules of web etiquette for one technology. You may wish to look up “netiquette”—the word for rules to govern online behavior.

-Texting. There is people that text 24/7. They can’t live without texting on the phone. Something else that’s being ruining us are smart phones that offer us social network for us to use at anytime, this is overwhelming. People pay more attention to their phone nowadays because of those social networks.