Human Resource Management and Siemens sample essay

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1. How does Siemens seek to provide good career opportunities for employees?

The entire article is about Siemens and how they manage its employees. The Culture of the company is high performance which is to encourage people to achieve high results. When you are in a company whose culture is to do the best, you definitely have a chance to improve your career. The Environment of Siemens Is rare whose workforce consists of professional people who believe in teamwork and hard work does not prevent having fun together and party. Dr. Klaus Kleinfield said he “was able to build large circle of advisors and friends within the company” (qtd in success stories). Most of us would love to work in this kind of company. Siemens also provide you the chance to enter global high technology company because it operates jointly in many countries. There is also flexibility and diversification in the company. More than 500,000 employees work in industries of healthcare, transportation, telecommunication, power generation and electronics (success stories). Their organization structure is not flat; they have broad range of positions like human resource specialists, administrators, researchers, etc (creating…).

There is good chance of making a career in company like Siemens. They also have some programs inside the company itself that renders employees the opportunities. Siemens have Human Resource Development Program which function is to identify and meet the needs of their workforce. The strategy helps worker to excel at work which is beneficial for the company and its employees. The most important part of program is that Siemens is “encouraging employees to improve their career and other aspects of life” (qtd in creating).Besides human resource development program, they also have Talent Management Philosophy. It makes sure that each employee is given support to achieve the maximum potential (creating).

2. Describe one of the systems that Siemens has created which provides development opportunities for employees at work.

Talent Management- managing People

Talent Management is not the only system in Siemens which provide opportunities, they also have Human Resource Development Program and many others which not appear in the study. I am going to describe Talent Management. The system makes sure that each employee is given a support to achieve their maximum potential and works together to achieve the organization’s objective. There are no reasons to prevent the progress of your career, if you work in a company like Siemens. The strategy is for all the employees, not just the high position workers. According to Siemens Everyone has talent and can make the best use (creating). Human Resource is also taken into consideration for Talent Management System. Matching the talent with appropriate task gives them the competitive advantage. You can see how important the strategy is for the company. Talent management provides job enrichment and enlargement. In the first one workers are inspire for additional charge to make the work appealing and in enlargement, extension is given to responsibility range with knowledge and skills.

The system is very helpful for managers in a way that it enables them to engage and motivate the employees to accomplish the organization’s goals. Before jumping to Talent Management directly, it is important to take into account Performance Management. According to Siemens, Talent management depends on Performance Management. Siemens has also created a standard process of conducting the performance and development of their workforce (creating).Performance Management is what happens between company’s plans and individual target of the employees. The process creates communication and trust by setting goals, monitoring performance and discussion between managers and subordinates. Honesty is very critical in the entire system.

2. How important is the appraisal system in helping to create shared understandings about the objectives of the organization and personal objectives of individual employees?

The appraisal system is extremely important for any company in helping to create shared understandings about organizations objectives. Appraisal is giving reward to an individual or a team for their performance. The reward could be any form like words, promotion, bonus, etc. There are several different appraisal techniques like: self-review, immediate supervisor, peer group, team, and overall assignment, upward and 360 degree (kork). You can’t classify any single techniques the best. It depends on the situation, identifying which type of appraisal system will work better than the other. After all, providing appraisal is more important than the kind of system we choose. From my point of view appraisal is very important in any organization, does not matter if the company is small or large.

As a university student will be happy if the professor gives me a reward like “good job”, it will keep me motivated to do my best the next time. We could say the same thing about the employees working at Siemens. Before appraisal system, knowledge sharing is necessary. Knowledge sharing is “capturing, organizing, reusing and transferring experience based knowledge that reside within the organization making it available to others”(qtd in kork…). Giving appraisal is critical for better communication and management in the organization. For a company like Siemens appraisal system is very essential because their system is all about targets and performance of the employees. Through appraisal employees know their results of the performance. It is very important in fast changing world “effective appraisal systems act as a primary vehicle for the measurement change” (qtd in kork…).

3. How effective do you think the Siemens approach to people management will be in creating great results?

Right now Siemens is doing a great job for managing people. Siemens culture is high performance which will keep their employees motivated. Than they have Human Resource development program and Talent Management Philosophy which I mentioned earlier. They says that “excellent people need to be managed in a excellent way”(qtd in creating…). The key point for their management is that they take benefits from employees and also provide them back in different ways. Many companies do not take into consideration the other advantages provided by the company. Giving salary is not all that matters. When Siemens assign a task to the employees they pass the responsibility with trust which leads to engagement, commitment and high performance. By doing what Siemens is doing at the present, they will be success effectively managing the people.

If they keep doing the same thing with little changes require with the time, they will have no problem managing workforce.5. How you would apply what you have learned from the case study. Siemens case study is very important for me, in fact I will keep this for future. There are some very important details of management and Human Resources. I will make sure that my subordinates get something more than salary from the company. Every single thing in the article is very essential for manager. I would like to go in a company who offer similar benefits like Siemens and whose culture is high performance. Companies like Siemens offer you the opportunity to make growth in your career.

I will like to have programs like Human Resource Development and Talent management in my company which could provide some exceptional talents I could not have figure out. This kind of articles just open up your mind and make you think about what was unknown before. Communication and integration is very essential wherever we work. It will take forward your company or family. Siemens operates in different countries; all this is done because they communicate well from long distance.