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Great research paper topics in education

Education field is dynamic and diversified. Its changing nature and involvement of different individuals with varying backgrounds provides an extensive list of topics making this field interesting. Research in education can be directed at bettering teaching standards and working out matters in learning relations between teachers, learners and the institution. It is of importance to be up-to-date with the occurrences in the field for proficiency in creating a research that is role playing in development and sculpting of education’s future. Assessment of teaching techniques, learning of students and institutions’ structure among other concerns are some of the methods to approach research in education. To be part of education’s future, here are top research topics in education.

1.       Homeschooling.


Homeschooling is an option which parents prefer their children learning from home instead of being in private or public school setups. Reasons behind this choice varies from social and ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs and practices, as well as dissatisfaction from common options of learning. Requirements to homeschool children vary from region to region in the world with some places having no requirements.  How to get started with homeschooling can be looked at as well as tips for making a successful homeschooling schedule. Also effects of homeschooling can be compared with other learning setups such as private and public schooling.   



2.       Sports and education.


    It is in colleges and schools that people spend their most productive and formative years. Inclusion of sports activities in learning curriculum is of great importance for youth development success in these levels. Most schools have physical education and sports integrated in their modules since as far as most subjects are taught indoors. It gives the learner a chance to head outside and develop other skills while being active. This have shown benefits of increased productivity both academically and in sports, enhanced social unity and joyful population. With health threats posed by modern way of life, there have been a significant parents mind shifting where they now encourage their children to take part in athletics and other physical sports. With extensive benefits of sports and not just the physical ones it is a great research area to look at how sports impact positively in students’ academic progress and beyond.  



3.       Diversity in education


       Diversity is the practice of involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds, different genders, sexual orientation, and etc. Diversification of education ensures equal opportunities in all aspects of education for all. Due to rapidly varying and multicultural society learning institutions should adopt all inclusive responsive practices to benefit students. These can be achieved through creating awareness to teachers and students about the importance of a diverse society. It will not only benefit the students from the different background succeed but also equips all participants with skills helpful in the world that is exponentially diverse. Research on how to manage diversity in learning facilities is a great topic of discussion.




4.       Cost of education.


Higher education pursue has become costly due to the escalated number of people contesting for college chances. This surge has lead to more demand for college facilities, maintenance and pay budgets for faculties. Also there have been a decreased government financial support to facilitate higher education. There have been a notable increase in college fees over the years which have had effects on people’s long term plans. Research can be carried out to come up with ways how to reduce the burden of higher education cost.


5.       Crime and education.

Great disparity exist between the criminals and non-criminals in education attainment levels. Research has it that a higher percentage of people in prisons have lower levels of education. This plainly confirms that education lowers crime rate maybe because educated people have better pays from their jobs and see no need to risk going to prison.  Also education influences ones traits and consequently models personal principles in terms of discipline. As far as formal education affects personal character there are other  role playing factors such as individual’s intelligence, family and economic backgrounds which makes it not easy to distinguish between effects of education on crime and these other factors. You can look at how much education influences crime and if education has an effect on the informal factors such as family characteristics.


Other great topics for research include:

·         People with special need education

·         Safety in schools

·         Politics and education

·         Health and education

·         Knowledge acquirement model vs. exam oriented learning model

·         Public vs. private schooling

·         How to focus on job markets during learning



From these topics the writer can come up with great research works since the education world is always changing, hence there is always something to make better and a way to make things better.




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