How to summarize an article in five simple steps

How to summarize an article in five simple steps

Summarizing an article articulately is a skill that will be very necessary at one point of your college life. It is an essential skill of learning that will show the instructor you understood the teaching material well. Basically, writing an article summary means you take a written article probably by someone else, and you write it in your words but still maintain the intended meaning. It sounds easy, but practically it is difficult to sit down, read and write the required synopsis. That’s why most students will look for article summary help. To get full marks, you need to write the summary correctly as per the instructions. The following are five simple steps to summarize an article.

1.     Determine the intended purpose for the article

Often students ask how do you write a summary of an article because they have no idea where to start. Before you embark on writing reading the article, identify the purpose or what was the message being communicated to the audience. After you identify the theme, you should ensure you stick to it as you write your article.

2.     Scan the article

To scan is to go over the article. As you go through it note down the main key idea. You can easily get it by reading the thesis statement, which is usually the last sentence of the introduction paragraph. Go over the body paragraphs to identify the arguments the writer used to support the main ideas.

Read the article thoroughly

After you are done with scanning, read through the article once more. This time do it more carefully reading each step severally? Ensure you comprehend all the finer details such as, how does the article affect society. Moreover, you should also try to get a glimpse of the kind of audience the writer intended to target. This will enable you to come up with a more nuanced summary.

Write the summary

After you find out all the relevant information in the article, it is time to write the summary. You should start by writing the first draft. You should go through it to ensure that it contains the key points and then write the final draft.

Proofread and edit your summary

After you have written the summary, you should edit it for accuracy. As you proofread, you can add further information whenever you find it necessary. Ensure the summary is concise and focused. Moreover, correct grammatical and spelling mistakes. You can consult us for proofing and editing services if you need an expert touch in your article.

What should an article summary include?

A well-written article summary should be written as per the following outline.

·       Introduction:  it is the first paragraph where you will write an overview of the article. You should include the author’s name as well as the title of the article. Include a thesis statement which will be the main idea for your summary. The claim in the thesis statement should be based on what the author wrote in the article. It should relay the central message of the original article. However, you should not copy-paste the author’s thesis statement. You should use your own words but stick to the original meaning. 

·       Body paragraphs: the body paragraphs will depend on the original article. The entire summary should be around one-third of the native piece if you plan on writing a single paragraph summary. Each sentence should discuss a single supporting claim. Furthermore, for a multiple paragraph essay, each paragraph should contain a supporting argument. You can get further guidance by getting our guidance on how to summarize multiple articles.

·       Conclusion. You can start it by restating the topic sentence you had mentioned in the introduction. You can write the rephrased point as your first sentence. After that, write a few sentences describing implications, concerns or questions the article may point out. Moreover, you can include any limitation the author may have highlighted.

Our professionals can offer further summary help by writing the entire summary for you. You can get such help by placing an enquiry. As you do it, be specific on the type of article summary you need, e.g. how to summarize a journal article or how do you summarize a news article.

Elements of a good article summary

A perfectly written article summary should contain the following

·       The author’s thesis restated in your thoughts.

·       Should include the author’s article title, name and information about when it was published.

·       Paraphrase most content and use direct quotation where necessary.

·       Plagiarism free and no copy-paste content.

·       An overview of the author’s work and not a critique.

·       Precise, with no unnecessary information.

·       Short unless with a specified length.

If you are not sure or comfortable in writing your article summary, we can take that load off your shoulder! Also, if you are comfortable but do not have the time we are here to help. Contact us by placing an inquiry like how do you summarize an article in APA, and we will offer instant article summary help.

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