How My English Has Improved sample essay

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The importance of taking English to me is that I that I learned how to read, write and understand different word concepts. This year in 10th grade English class, my reading skills have improved and Essay/paragraph writing has improved also. In my 9th grade English class, when reading books/novels, my understanding of the story didn’t always connect. Now in 10th grade I find it easier to understand the stories. Over the course of taking English 10, I have learned to take my time when reading and not rush. I also learned when writing, I need to recheck my sentences to say what I mean.

Night by Elie Wiesel and Athletic shorts By Chris Crutcher should be taught again in English 10 because the story in Night is inspirational and shows people character and ties to family. Athletic shorts was different because it was not just 1 story, there was six different short stories that had variety but together they showed how people can get through conflicts or tough times. Reading this book and stories, has helped my reading skills to improve because they made me curious to know what would happen at the end of the story. I think the more I read, the better reader I become.

The Emotional Poem and Book Club Project/During Reading Assignment were the challenging aspect of writing for me. The Emotional Poems were hard because words sometimes cannot really tell your feelings. The Book Cub Project was challenging because I found it difficult to find six songs with meanings that were similar to the book, Before We were Free. The meanings of the songs that I picked seemed too specific and not general enough to fit the story. As a result, I would advise new students in English 10 to be prepared to not give up, to try to be creative and ask you teacher for help.

Practice with Working with a partner and Working with a group of other students benefited me because working with one partner gives you the chance to talk one to one and you can get more time to learn more information from that one person. When working with a group of people, there are more views but on the other hand, it is hard to speak up to have your view heard. I think this type of work has helped me with friends and may help my communication skills for future jobs. As a result, I think my listening and speaking skills have improved slightly because feel like I participated more in class this year than other years.

My experiences in English this year, from Night, have helped me to understand the good theme of family helping each other and the bad theme of cruelty towards other humans. Both Elie and his father help each other at the concentration camps by sharing food and water. Elie also motivated his father when they had to move to another camp to keep going in severely cold weather with no shoes and very little food. The cruelty towards other people made it hard for Elie and for myself to understand how God could let this happen.

As a result, I now believe that it is important for family to help and motivate each other. I also believe that if actions towards other people are truly wrong and cruel, that everyone should try to stop this. At the end of English10, I find it easier to understand the stories that we read. I also found that organizing my thoughts and ideas was harder in the beginning of the year, but now it is easier when I try to have a rough draft of ideas and then re-organize the rough draft . I do think that there were many homework assignment that I should have completed and did not.

I have learned that even if something does not interest me, I should still do this work and try to learn something from it. The most important lesson that I got from English this year is that I should do ALL of my work and not just what I feel like doing. My goal for next year is to do ALL of my English homework so I can hope to learn all of things that are need for next year. I will obtain this goal by listening to my teacher when she gives assignments and by bringing ALL of my papers and books home to work on these assignments.