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Assalamualaikum and good evening to my loyal followers and friends, now I would like to spend my time in a little bit of my holidays for assignment in Maritime English(MM2513) that was lectured my Sir Shamsul Rizal. Here I want talking about “how Maritime English subject can help my career in shipping industry”, but before that let me explain what is actually Maritime English. Maritime English is the English language that is necessary to function within the maritime industry, with its widely diverse activities. In facts, Maritime English is the most neglected and most controlled English in the world that was use the International Maritime Organisation Standard Marine Communication Phrases(IMO SMCP) and use English in written and oral form.

Not only that, developing communicative competence in English is a mandatory requirement under Standard Training and Certification for Watchkeeping95. Maritime English exactly teach myself the basic English by starting with word,meaning,sentences,paragraphs and essay with free error. Continuously with the meaning of shipping. Shipping is the industry that can be characterized as the largest international and the most globalised one, as about 90% of the world trade transported by sea. The number of the international maritime cooperation’s appear to be increase as frames of multinational shipping companies formulating multicultural constellations in the goal of the shipping industry. Let see how the maritime English and shipping industry was related, also definitely help my career especially in shipping industry.

Firstly, the current scenario in shipping industry 45% of sea accidents is attributed to communication deficiencies. Actually I would like to highlight about how far maritime English can influence ship’s safety. The human element is a critical feature of all aspects of ship and operation. The human element has long been recognized as important to marine safety. Imagine that I’m act as the captain, want to communicate with my own language with another shipping vessels that was lead by captain from another country. The interaction between us by using out of the standard language from IMO’s requirement, accident could be happen. This problem should be can solve if we can use standard marine communication phrases (SMCP), so accident can avoided. That’s how the maritime English was so help me in shipping industry.

Secondly, Maritime English helps myself to improve with effective communication at sea and ashore and highlights international development aimed at ensuring that seafarer gain the appropriate skills and knowledge to communicate effectively and efficiently. The basic marine vocabulary existence in maritime English module was very important for myself and make me being able to converse in English in all circumstances might be welcome, as far as seafarer just like me training and education is concerned. This effective and efficiencies skills that I have, it’s a give some extra top-up to be an chartered ship broker and etc.

As example as broker, they need the person can speak and made some negotiation in English to continue the standard of procedure (SOP) starting between the seller(shipowner) and the charteres who want use ships to transport cargo. Effective communications are an essential ingredient to safe and efficient ship operations. Communication can be achieved in many ways but the prime method for operational communications is through speech. And when in an operational situation such as berthing a ship or fighting a fire, it is vitally important that those involved can communicate effectively.

Continuously, Maritime English is necessary to my career as a ship’s mate, that is useful as long as I am was in maritime field, everything that we do is only use one language that is maritime english and that is able to develop personal skills to include the instructions of others in the use of the English language on board. Maritime English have many functions for ship’s crew consist of familiarization onboard, safety onboard, emergencies onboard, navigation and aids to navigation, ship operations and seamanship. Familiarization onboard provide information to ship’s crew about type of ship, organization onboard ships and ship design and terminology, every type of ship there are have their own function for example bulk carrier are ships specially designed to carry unpackaged bulk cargo, such as grains, coal, ore, and cement in its cargo holds.

Other than that, maritime English teach me in basically about navigation equipment and ship’s console. Like an example, the position of a ship can be presented in terms of latitude and longitude, also in terms of bearing and distance from a well known landmark. Latitude is distance from 0 degree to 90 degree in a northerly or southern direction an chart, while longitude is distance measured from 0 degree to 180 degree in an easterly or westerly direction on the chart. This knowledge could helps me a lot while working shipping industry. Indirectly this subject teach what type of merchant vessel in different function. As conclusion, the importance of successful english communication for safety at sea cannot be overestimated. There is no doubt why maritime English are required and as standard marine communication phrases for people who want to involve in shiiping industry. Maritime English subject definitely can help my career in the shipping industry.